Dealing with Depression: “Welcome to the Good Ship Misery”

Hello Reader,

As a long term sufferer in the battle of anaemia and depression I have made it my mission to help others in their time of need, to support and encourage them to push forward. Life can be a tricky messed up ball of never ending disasters, and all a person really needs is someone to talk to.

Illness effects everyone. At one point or another we as humans struggle with the hardship of Illnesses. Colds, flu, sickness etc. But there are other illnesses that strike at the heart of a human, shakes them up and leaves them feeling a little bit emptier than they were before. That being said, there is always help to create a feeling of reassurance and to go on with your wonderful life.

It’s important to realise that if you are feeling LOW you might not be DEPRESSED. Depression is more than simply feeling upset for a couple of days. We all go through stages where we feel low and unhappy every once and a while, but depression is more than that. It can wash over you suddenly or slowly. Depression is a killer.

It effects people in different ways and can be severe or even moderate. If you aren’t sure if you are depressed these are a few things to look out for:

  • A feeling of being hopeless or helpless
  • Feelings of strong guilt
  • Very low self-esteem
  • Lack of motivation in things you’d previously enjoy
  • Anxiety levels rise e.g. worry
  • Feeling irritable when around others
  • Struggle to make decisions
  • Suicidal thoughts and/or self harm

There are other symptoms: Physical symptoms – lack of energy and/or disturbed sleep. Even Social symptoms –  decrease in work achievements and/or taking less opportunities to see your friends/family.

A point to note is, that not everyone will realise if they have these symptoms or not. Often when people get depressed they can become narrow-minded and selfish. Some even punish themselves without realising by closing off and feeling that no-one cares about them. This doesn’t make you a bad person, however it should make you reflect that actually you have a lot of personal healing to do.

How to start feeling better?

  • See your doctor. I’m not talking about getting pills or anything, but just talking to someone in therapy might do you wonders. Often talking to someone who isn’t connected to you is easier than talking to family. Dependant on the situation of course.
  • Take every day as it comes. Taking small steady steps is a lot healthier for you especially if you’ve suffered for a long period of time with depression.
  • Turn to the ones you care about and who care for you too. Sharing how you feel with someone, in a calm relaxed environment with no distractions is a good way to start understanding how you feel personally. It will also let others know too. People can’t guess how you feel, help them to help you by telling them.
  • Push yourself. Try not to suffer and punish yourself. Especially if you are dealing with loss/grief. Try instead to wake up, go out and enjoy yourself. You aren’t a terrible person to enjoy your day with a loved one.
  • Challenge your negative thinking. Would you say those things you are telling yourself to someone else? “Thought journals” are also good as you can find patterns in your thinking. You can then look at your thoughts in an organised way and ask yourself if what you thought was really the “right” way of looking at it. If it was really warranted.
  • Allow yourself to be surrounded by positive people. There is nothing worse than being around someone negative when you haven’t got the energy or the positive mental attitude (PMA) you would like.

If you are struggling with depression, know that there are people who can help. It’s important to know when to get additional help and that is when the depression is just getting worse, instead of getting better.

Be aware that you aren’t a weak person for needing or asking for help, you are strong to ask for it. Sometimes when you are suffering with negative thought patterns it can trigger you to feel unwanted, alone, a failure or sometimes even a lost cause. It can feel endless, daunting and as if you cannot make it through another day. In which case, It’s time to reach out to those who care for you and start to accept the aid and guidance being shown to you. You are not a lost cause, just a lost soul. You will be found.

Thank you for reading,

Be kind to yourself.

Until the next time


I AM Affirmations

Very Inspirational and a good read (:

Live Life Love Inspire

I first started doing I AM affirmations a few months ago because I heard about it on TV and wanted to try it. It felt weird saying stuff like I am strong, I am blessed I am kind etc. I was a bit skeptical and didn’t see the point in saying stuff like that to myself. I thought,”I know I am strong and kind.What’s the point in saying things that I already know about myself?”

But then as I continued pouring over books by Joel Osteen, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Weiss and many others, it was as if I was being led on a path of self discovery and I was slowly connecting the dots to a much higher truth.

When I first saw this  quote in one of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book it was as if a veil of ignorance  lifted and a thousand bulbs went off in my head. I realized my soul is beautiful…

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Dreams and Meanings: Dream A Little Dream…

Dear Reader,

I’m soooooooooo tired. Ugh. Sleep shall have to wait for now… Important things to write about!

What you ask?!

Dreaming, of course! …. Kinda backwards, I’m tired, I should be dreaming right now. Details, details….

Anyway! Dreaming is such an interesting event in our lives. Some people remember most of their dreams while others feel they don’t dream at all. – You are missing out if you do not dream. Everyone dreams…. Just some don’t remember….

I normally snuggle down into bed and possibly watch something I’m currently breezing through….recently I’m watching: Supernatural, American Horror Story, Or anything on BBC iPlayer. Or I will read a chapter of a good book before settling to bed. Or both. Not at the same time.

I have been so freakin’ tired these past few months. I put it down to stress mainly. But, I can’t seem to get off to sleep easily. And when I do, I can have the most vivid dreams ever.

Few so far? (Briefly)

– Walking through my back lane, with a friend, when the friend decided to help me I hugged them so tightly, I woke up.

– Flying, trying to get messages on small bits of paper to others, for a friend. And seeing Castiel… Yes, from supernatural… Holy… This dream was weird, man. Also had an ocean in it, a ledge and children in it or rather a class watching the headteacher and other teachers swim a race.

– Running through a forest with wolves only for it to change back to my home where it is raining and I’m doing some mundane rubbish.

– Exploring a HUGE mansion house and having my own secret hideaway place. – It had so much detail! (So awesome.)

… So, these dreams are all pretty cool in their own rights, and I just wish you could be in my head and experience them, because when I have a fun, nice vivid dream, it is ….just so awesome. I don’t want to wake up. The scary vivid ones … not so much.

Dreaming is all about the subconscious, and mine is doing back-flips at the moment. I’ve been thinking so much it’s just beyond itself with motivation, to be imaginative and give me one hell of a ride.

I’m a dreamer, and like to understand my dreams as I try to figure out their hidden meanings. To how I would personally fit them, as it creates an opening to my subconscious to a better knowledge of myself.

You may or may not agree, and just enjoy dreams for what they are. Little adventures in the minds-eye.

If you are interested in finding out what your dreams mean, I implore you to grab/buy a dream book. Or go online to! There are lots of other websites you can find, just this one popped into my tired head first.

There’s not really been a final answer to why we dream, or why people have similar dreams. Researchers have been scratching their heads to try and figure it out for definite. Though we can guess it’s because most humans go through the same feelings, emotions, wants and fears. In which conjure up the stimulation to have the same type of dreams for instance; falling, water, death, people, school, flying, houses, food etc. Thus it’s understandable that people can relate to one another when people say “I had the strangest dream…”

Scientists have come up with theory’s as to why we dream… Sigmund Freud believed dreams were our repressed thoughts. Our deepest desires that could only be expressed through dreams. He was however mainly talking about sexual desires. Although Its a common dream for humans… I dread to think what he dreamt about every night.

In 1973 Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley, claimed that dreams were random electrical brain impulses, which pulls imagery from our memories. By trying to make sense of our memories the brain then creates stories from the information/imagery.

This one makes a bit more sense, as it can explain the mundane realism we get in our dreams mixed with the wild card of strange.

Now if you are trying to recall your dreams but struggle to after half a day is gone. Don’t be alarmed. It’s very common for a person to lose over 80% of what they have dreamt by the end of the day. Kinda sucks. If you want to remember a quirky, crazy dream that you feel might mean a thing or two about your waking life. A few tips to help you remember are:

  • Dream Journals. Hand written, stored on phone/laptop etc.
  • Try to wake up slowly and try to remember the dream when you wake up, when you are still in bed.
  • Sounds weird but before you go to sleep, tell yourself you want to remember your dream.
  • Tell them to someone else. Recalling them when you wake up can make them feel more “real” and you are more likely to remember them.
  • Get plenty of rest, so you don’t wake up groggy.
  • Experiment for what works for you. (Everyone is unique, it’s a matter of finding what suits you)

Noting down your dreams, especially when going through a hard time, can be useful to find any patterns in your dreaming realm. You might figure out if there’s anything troubling you, that even you didn’t realise was an issue! Be warned though that not everything has a deep meaning to it….

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.– Freud.

Thanks for reading, it’s time for me to go into the depths of slumber now so…

Until the next time ~