Happy Birthday to you.

Hello reader,

A big good morning/afternoon/evening/night to whoever is reading my post today.

Today is my Mother’s birthday! … I’m feeling more spirited today reader, which is great because it might just be a coincidence but I have applied for two jobs today! That’s right TWO! Which I think in today’s climate of jobs is pretty darn good. Not saying I will get ’em but… we live in hope. Haha.

Anyway I would like to present to you my first ever scarf I have made start to finish all on my own! *Proud moment* It is just over the length of a double bed…or two singles… so it’s quite the standard scarf length. Aha, I just measured in beds. (Should totally be a new thing.) Overall I hope my mother cheers up a bit after giving her this present. She’s been grumpy lately, money troubles… which I’m sure lots of people can relate too.

I have always found it odd about the number of birthday’s that are on the 4th November which I have personally met. Which then led me to think of a mothers meeting or collection of girly bestest buds, discussing to have their babies on the same day cause “that’ll be so cool!” … I however think that’s just weird, so I stopped thinking about it.  I haven’t met anyone with the same birthday as mi- no wait yeah I have, once… I have no idea where that person is now though. *Thinks* … nope.

Reader is your birthday on the 1st December? If so, *fist bump*  – because we are so awesome.

Anyway, if it is your birthday today – HAPPY FREAKIN’ BIRTHDAY! You are so awesome. Yes, you are. For those of you who’s birthday it isn’t, Happy “UnBirthday” to you!

P.s. You never need a reason to eat cake. So go stuff your face and be happy (:

Until the next time ~


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