Is There Anybody Out There?

Hello reader,

I’m going to write something a bit more personal about myself. So I hope you are sitting comfortably?

I’m quite a spiritual person. I always have been. Needless to say, I am also a skeptic. I think I’ve had to be in a time where there are so many frauds and non-believers. You might think I’m crazy to believe in the supernatural, but I like to pick and choose what I believe in.

I believe in something greater than myself. Something more powerful, something beyond this world that brings comfort in times when things are dark. I guess everyone believes in something one way or another. Something to calm the nerves, something to give you hope in your darkest times. To pick you up when you’ve fallen to depression.

Since I was little I have believed in Ghosts, spirits etc. I recall a man in my house, I couldn’t make him out so much, but his presence was around. I used to feel his presence on my stairs or in my room. I can’t tell you now what he looked like, but what I do know is this. A couple years ago, things were starting to get a bit strange in the house so I started to talk to my mother about it. She informed me that on several accounts I had spoken to her about a man in the house, when I was little. Not only this but so had my siblings on separate occasions. We knew nothing of this. Furthermore the strange going’s on was the printer making noises as if it was on, but it wasn’t plugged into the socket. Also when everyone was out, except my mother, she heard my music coming from my room. When she got near, it stopped. She got so freaked apparently she went downstairs until I had returned and told me all about it.

Now, my reaction to this? … “Don’t touch my stuff spirit. That is my stuff.”  – I was a little annoyed. How. Rude.

There used to be the smell of baking when I was younger, we live on an end house, and knew the next door neighbours very well. Neither family’s baked. Ever. It smelt like fresh bread, and cakes. The smell doesn’t linger anymore. But I do wonder, was it someone letting us know they were around?

I suffer from very vivid dreams. It tends to come in waves. I remember in 2010 when my nan passed away, who was like a second mother to me, came to me in a dream. Now I’m not saying it was her. But it felt so real… and mundane. We were just sitting together in my living room while my mother was cooking tea for my birthday. My nan turned to me and said softly – “Do not tell your mother I am here, she will be upset… I’ve just come to tell you I am sorry that I couldn’t stay for one last Birthday. Take care of yourself” … To which it felt so real that I woke up in a crying mess. I believe my nan was a spiritual person too and that it runs deep in the family. However speculation aside, that dream happened. Whether it was just my subconscious or something greater, it gave me such comfort that I’m glad I was open enough to let it happen.

My main belief is that of some sort of reincarnation and Angels/Guardians. I do not believe that there is a God, a maker or creator. I do think evolution is a thing. I might be wrong. I might be right. But if when I die, and it turns out I was completely wrong and that there is something else, then I wont mind. And if there is nothing… Well I wont be able to complain. I love the idea of something more powerful and more beautiful than myself watching over me. I’ve lost some people who were very close to me, and I guess it has helped me in that time. There has been more talk of seeing guardians than there ever has of seeing a God. I feel this is probably why I’m more comfortable believing in a warrior or protector than I am of a “figure-head.” Who doesn’t want to feel safe anyway?

If you have a belief, stand by it. Everyone has something they believe in and no-one can take that away from you.

Thank you for reading.

Blessed Be.


Until the next time.





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