Looks can be deceiving…

Hello Friend,

It’s wet and windy and just plain horrible outside so, I have decided to post again, “Yay!” – I hear you cry. I was supposed to be going to a school to deliver my DBS form… but I will take shelter until it dies down a little. As if on cue it’s just got hell’a dark just now – fantastic.

Do you ever get comments that you look younger than you are? … Supposed to be compliments right?

When I reached the age of eighteen years, I thought, brilliant! I can go out and get “Sloshed” and par-tay with all my friends. Sorted. Though in the back of my mind I was ready to be stopped and questioned at every bar in town. Why? Because I know I look about fifteen. Then, when I was eighteen I probably looked about Thirteen. Though my best mate used to (and still does) say that I look about five years old. Charming. I’m short but I’m not THAT short. It was lucky that I have ID from driving or I’d be screwed.

As if on cue, I walked up to the club and got stopped, asking me “ID?” Which is fine, I’m new on the scene – no grudges. I actually laugh now that I’m Twenty (soon to be twenty one!) the expressions on peoples faces when they check my ID. I’ve even had people apologise to me. … Yeah. You better apologise! …Haha, seriously though I’m used to it, so it’s all good. Never really get mad about it, unless the person on the other end checking my ID gets “moody” about it. Seriously, it’s happened.

*Picture this* – waddling up to the bar, ready to order my drink (I knew she would ask for my ID so I got it out ready – Pro!) Asked for a lovely pint of Cider and then the question of “Do you have any ID?” happened (Not even a “please” – what is this world coming to?!) Handed it over, she checked it, and I kid you not, stuck her nose up in the air like she had been offended. Psst. I think she is a little “high-strung”….

Anyway, I’ve always suffered with the “Baby-face”. Despite my best efforts I look… Adorable. It’s not fair. I’m a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll chick, and it’s hard to intimidate or look real moody unless I’m actually really annoyed (which is rare anyway, ’cause I’m pretty chilled) because of my face. And I’m short… Dammit.

Though it’s not just me and people are being asked to get ID’d for everything. Friends have often complained about being stopped for ID when trying to rent out a “12” DVD. … I don’t think I need to say – “they are not twelve.” But look I did anyway. Huh. It’s getting a bit over the top I feel, with the whole ID lark. I mean fair enough, ID with things that could be a health risk and alcohol. But Surely If I’m buying a PG... you can let me have it without ID’ing me? No? Well, you suck.

Although I don’t look my age, I have always been told I act a lot older than I am. By friends, family, teachers... So, I guess it’s only people who don’t know me, need to ask (makes sense.) I no longer have any troubles getting into the bars I normally go into, because they know me – so the pattern works.

Without trying to sound conceited, I am quite wise and knowledgeable for my age. I believe it stems from watching my older siblings and being close to my mother and generally older people in the family. I have a huge sense of right and wrong and generally help people with their problems. I don’t recall how I managed this, but I have. I believe it’s from being observant and patient… All I know is that one day in Primary school my year five teacher told me “You are wise for your age… An old head on young shoulders.” And it’s just stuck.

So I guess because I feel a lot older than I am, I can get quite frustrated when people think I’m a lot younger. But I know, I know, I’ll appreciate it when I’m forty. Right?

However I definitely am not “Little Miss Sensible”  All the time, I can be childish, and be silly, funny, crazy. Though I think most people are. It’s important to know when to be serious and when not to be. Childishness isn’t the same as Immaturity. … I’m mature, but still like to have fun. Haha. Let my hair down and rock out to some tunes!! …Hmm, sounds like a plan.

So don’t be worried if you look young or old, just be you and it’s all good… Umm, unless you are very immature and you are in your 20’s+, in which case, try and be open to some friendly advice, you may need some. Y’know… to live.

On that note, thanks for reading!

Until the next time.


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