Send me some of that positive vibe!

Hello reader,

Nerves are through the roof this morning as I contemplate my journey to my interview and the hurdles I have to face to have a chance at getting a job…. and to end my unemployment. Not just any job, the job I’ve been wanting for five years. Seriously the nerves are bubbling away in my belly.

As I woke up this morning I was overcome with fear and excitement of the day ahead. I’m so glad they said today would be the day I will do my interview. As if anything were to go wrong, I can go to the market that is being held in town ALL DAY today and find something to eat. Eating makes the pain go away. Pfft. Just for a little while. It takes my mind off of things anyway, especially if it’s something sweet. But what would cheer me up the most today if things go horribly wrong is seeing the Christmas lights in town come on (That’s right it’s happening tonight!) … I’ve never seen it before. But today I will be going. And I cannot wait. Agh! Christmas. … It still feels too early. I tend to start thinking about it after my birthday which is on the 1st December. Haha, it’s simultaneously – 2nd December = Christmas music.  …. Well it’s December, it’s allowed then.

I digress.

I sat on my bed this morning going over in my head what I’m going to be doing today, and questioning myself “What if they don’t like me?” … “What if the children hate me?”  … “What if I mess up the activity?” …  “Ohmergerd. I can’t do this” … “Yes, I can. Calm down” … So on and so on. So I decided to try and draw in some positive energy to calm my nerves and settle my thoughts. Needless to say, it worked…. for a while. I’m starting to creep back to those nasty “eat-away” at you thoughts. But it’s okay, why? Because I will focus my breathing, call on my guide and calm myself down again. Whether real or not, my guide… he’s got my back. Which so do the close people in my life, so all is well. Really.

So I just gotta be myself and they will either like me or not. I cannot be someone else.

Sending a bunch of positive energy your way today reader! I hope you will offer me the same gift?

Thanks for reading, even though it’s a short post today.

I have to go get ready for a big day ahead!

Blessed Be.

Until the next time.



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