History: What Era?

Hello reader,

There are times, if you are into history where you think “I could have lived in that era.” Whether it’s from longing or the feeling that reincarnation might be true. Whatever the case, I feel my era could have been… The Victorian Era. Well that’s what always comes to mind… I mean – proper toilets, people sanitize your life.

However after much deliberation I have decided perhaps the Georgian Era is better suited to me. Here’s why:

It covers –  1714 – 1830 (sometimes extended to cover William IV reign, up until 1837 – depends on preference I suppose)

Not only is the main picture from my home town, and illustrated to portray this era but also this one: http://friarn.co.uk/Chubb/Chubbimages/quay.jpg – When you think – so much has changed and what would it be like to have been there? It’s quite interesting – well, if you are into history like myself.

They were big on making homes look fancy: I’m quite creative and love the prospect of having a well decorated home when I move out. The idea of “Harmony” and “Symmetry” in homes sounds beautiful. Having lots of space, good old-fashioned family homes. To oriental rugs, decent furniture and fireplaces.

– Of Gentlemen and Ladies: It’s hard to come across a proper old-fashioned gent’ these days. Or ladies for that matter. I’m not posh at all, and to prove it I will admit I am typing this with a onesie on and a blanket wrapped over me for good measure. I also haven’t brushed my hair yet today what? Anyways… It’s always nice to see proper manners. I am English, sure we get the whole “So polite” reputation. I am polite, yes. But not overly, get in my face and be warned. Bitches. So… Maybe this isn’t the best to go for since ladies were seen and not heard. Plus we were seen as fragile creatures needing the protection of men… but I don’t mind the idea of being a house wife. As silly as that sounds, I guess it’s the idea of having time to make pies. Cherry pie, is my favourite.

– Fashion: I don’t tend to like fashion now. It’s a bit rubbish if I’m honest I like to pick and choose what I wear. Free will and all that. But in the Georgian Era, the women got to wear nice simple dresses. Especially the “countryside” style ones towards the 1780’s. A lot better than the crazy big dresses that were made in the Victorian era (ain’t got time for that.) I don’t wear dresses often, but if I had to, those would be a good style to go for. – https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/55/87/f5/5587f5e1bc769f4ca1439708e4e4fcd0.jpg

– Food : In the Georgian Era things were picking up a little with food. Better cooking equipment and other things that contributed to being able to cook better foods. Most people started to get a better more adequate diet. I wouldn’t like to be a servant though, having to get up really early to do a big breakfast that wasn’t served until later on. Ugh. And because of this there was no regular lunch either. Food however started to look a bit more “modern” with roast and vegetables. Also, potatoes and tomatoes are being eaten now, so we are seeing a more balanced diet. People are becoming healthier. Except for the whole water situation. Try to stick to tea.. maybe, if I could afford it. Also people were starting to write cook books such as: Hannah Glasse – “Mother of the Modern Dinner Party.” A lot of things were becoming available and everything is on the up. http://www.advantour.com/img/georgia/georgian-cuisine/georgian-cuisine.jpg

I also like the kind of transportation: http://www.bridgwatertowncouncil.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/065-Bridgwater-and-Kilve-Royal-Mail.jpg

Although considering all the ins and outs of the Georgian Era, I would hope to be someone with wealth or had a good business. Because otherwise there was a good chance I’d die of poverty. Or go into surgery and never return. That being said, I do like the more modern era, as it’s more liberated, it is however very interesting to think “What if I lived in _____ era?”

What era would you have lived in, do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Until the next time ~

Picture from: http://friarn.co.uk/Chubb/index.htm


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