Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!

Hello fellow readers,

I’d like to start of with a massive Merry Christmas to you. I hope you’ve had everything you’ve wished for, or if not, I hope – like myself – you are getting ready to buy it in the January sale! Or Boxing day sale! Which for some reason in some places started … yesterday. No, really. You can’t call it a Boxing day sale if it’s not even Boxing day! ….Ugh.. It’s just unnatural. Anyway…

This morning I was woken by the horrible need to pee. Yes I know. We all know that feeling, you probably know that feeling at one point or another. Whether it be 3am, 3:20am, 4am, 5:20am etc…. But on this day it was 5:25am and I’m surrounded by people who have decided to share my room with me for a few nights of the upcoming event of “present day.” So after weaving my way out of my room and back again, I waddled back to bed with a grunt at the clock and a nod at my faithful doorstop (“Sheepie”). No sooner had I rolled over to begin to sleep for a few more hours, was I disturbed by my sister looking at her phone. After exchanging a sleepy “Merry Christmas” to each other we settled back and fell asleep once more.

Until about 8am.

Since last year we are beginning this new tradition of not opening presents until after 11am. Unacceptable in my opinion. But although it’s unspoken as of last year, I feel outnumbered to say otherwise.

That aside, It was lovely to have the family around for Christmas. I wouldn’t in no way say it’s unfortunate to be one of six, it’s really enjoyable! With one brother coming home from America, working his butt off. Other’s coming from places in England – closer to home. It’s a great feeling to have the gang back together. With the exception of one sister (the oldest) with her own family – fair enough.

Then comes the morning with a certain brother a little older than myself decides to be an “adult” making “adult decisions” choosing sleep over presents and not get up, and have the complete opposite of Christmas spirit. Which contributed to the lateness of the opening of gifts I have to add. He wasn’t being an adult at all, he was being grumpy that’s what it was. But all is forgiven.

Back to the morning….What was set before us as we went downstairs, wasn’t a mountain of presents (but then I wasn’t expecting anything as mum had said she couldn’t get anything and was struggling this year.) Plus being a woman suffering with mental illness/panic attacks – only having online shopping, isn’t the easiest for her!

I had two gifts disguised as one gift. That, and a secret santa present from my sister. She didn’t make it hard to tell, she didn’t even try – I’ll be honest. She used the same wrapping paper and tags for all of her gifts for people for one thing!

After that, and receiving some money or “monies” as I like to call it, I decided to go online and get myself a total of four books, one CD, two DVD’s and one PC game.  – “To me, love from me.” Which I think is a great idea! Want something but didn’t get it for Christmas? Buy yourself a Christmas present! (Or eight) – It’s not sad, at all. Haha!

So to all of you, any of you, you reading this… I hope you are fully fed, to the brim. I hope you are toasty and happy today with family and/or friends around you, thinking of what next you might be able to fit in your belly. Though thinking “actually… better not…” but put it to one side to save for later. Just incase. Wearing something “Christmassy” like my fetching Christmas cat top. –  …. Oh… and watching really bad TV. (I’m just kidding, I don’t watch much TV but Christmas evening TV isn’t so bad. If you like Soaps…)

With that – have a fantastic rest of the year!

Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good-night!

Until the next time

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