Being A Writer Isn’t all Sunshine And Catnaps

I’ve been sat… At my miniature desk, which is more like a TV desk/stand… wait, it is a TV stand. Ahem. Let’s start this again…

I’ve been sat looking at my laptop now for the past five minutes this morning. Vacantly, as I try and think of something new and important to write about. Let’s be honest here, writing is hard. Where do you begin? What’s the beginning? You write about your interests but people may not care about the same things you do. So you write things that you hope may get a few views or likes anyway, but nothing happens. Or you are the lucky one with a gift of knowing “what’s hot” right now in your town or country so you write about that instead and get the views and the praise. For others it’s much more difficult.

Writing is about, expressing what you love, what you believe is interesting to you. It’s very individual even though people may read it. We are taught “think about your audience.” To me, I’m talking to a friend. I may not actually know the person on here, but If I believe in my mind’s eye that my friend is sat across from me letting me rant about various things, it gets my mind into action.

Other people write for various purposes. A lot of people write about their own lives because it’s a good starting point. I tend to stick to that route myself, with an added twist of advice giving. All my life I’ve been able to give myself my own advice and easily give advice to others. I don’t know how I do it. My mind just has its own clever way of seeing two sides of a story all the time. In school (and beyond that) I was mostly the one “in the middle” because I could see both sides and so I acted as the mediator. Thus, it’s both a gift and a curse.

Structure is a tough one, I mean where should I begin and end? Do I need to come to some final conclusion, or should I keep it open and try to get advice from others? Where’s the limit of a short story? Again we are taught “there’s a beginning, middle and end of a story.” A high point and a low point. To use paragraphs when you start something new and god forbid you use incorrect grammar…

Inspiration to write can be tricky as well; waxing and waning like the moon it can be a struggle to keep writing all the time. I found that once I wrote what inspired me to start writing in the first place I lost my path a little. I stopped thinking “what can I write about?” to “what have I already written?” However I think it’s important not just as a writer but as an individual to branch out and find things to be inspired about. Additionally to immerse yourself into something new, which you find exciting or interesting. More to the point, if you are inside and writing I find a hot cuppa tea and biscuits can help for inspiration. With added blankets and peace and quiet. Never seems to fail… Maybe that’s just me though…

I need to work on this.

Time is an issue. Due to an ever increasing amount of responsibility, finding time to write can be a struggle. But we do it anyway. Why? Because of passion, that’s why. An idea, a way of being. Even if we are out and about, we are thinking of new things to write about. Journeys, wildlife, weather, good times, bad times and so on. All contribute to an idea a writer might have. A good idea is to take a notebook with you wherever you go. I do, on most occasions take a pen (sometimes two incase one looks like it wont work but it’s your favourite, so you take it anyway…) and my notebook with me so that If I have an idea I can jot it down so I don’t forget.

Being a writer: you are a writer even when you aren’t writing. If it’s in you to write, then you can be a writer.

So whatever you write about, make sure it’s important to you. It helps mainly for inspiration and things just tend to fall into place a lot easier. Moreover it’s because if you get asked about it and you don’t know what the feck you wrote about or can’t answer any of the readers questions…then there is obviously an issue in your writing.

Now it’s time for that end bit. That end bit that I never like doing because I don’t know if I’ve written enough. Or have I written too much? or even – I’d like to write more! Part of the writing that likes to throw a wrench in the mix. Sigh. I told you writing is hard.

Thank you for reading.

Keep dreaming and writing your stories.


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