My gurt baby – up for adoption

Hello! Welcome to another post on The Enlightenment Aspiration or TEA for short. I love it.

Do you ever look at technology and just think, “Why don’t you work for me?!”

I’m not even going to get into the whole night it took my mother to sort out her laptop…

Sometimes things don’t go the way they should with technology.

I’m going to write about my 125cc scooter in here today, why? Because I can. I couldn’t be bothered to give it its own category okay?! Technology means machinery and I’m classing my scooter in it. I don’t think it’s wrong…

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to drive a scooter for a while. Ehrmergerd… I have a car licence but would still need to take the full licence to pass properly and ride without L plates. It’s great and shiny but bloody heavy! I’m quite petite and there is no way I can drive that lug around with me. So alas I’m having to get rid of it and get a 50cc instead. A good 50cc though. Something snazzy looking. If it can’t go very fast I want it to at least LOOK nice! I think some people look really silly on 50cc scooters. Mainly because they are too big for them. But because I’m short, I should have no issues with a nippy 50cc. Also with a 50cc I’d only need to take the CBT because I’m covered for the rest with my licence. Booyah!!

I really want something like : …. You can see in the featured image what my 125cc scooter looks like. It looks awesome! That’s why it’s such a shame I can’t ride the beauty. Ah well. You can also see red is a theme. I’d like red/black. But I’m not opposed to purple/black or green/black or blue/black… another theme for you there. I would like a retro style scooter. I’m not really a “modern” person, and I think the retro style like 60’s style looks a lot better. Not going to lie.

So, in short my baby has to go today. Well i’m hoping it’s today. It was arranged for today at least however no one has turned up for it yet. Bit awkward if no one turns up…

My scooter will be sold on to someone who will be able to handle ‘er. I believe she … is it weird for me to call her a she? …I believe he (just in case) is out of gas though. oops. Oh well.

I will keep you updated. I hope to get a 50cc scooter when I start working. So before you know it I will be posting a picture of my new – able to get me places – scooter. *fingers crossed* It wont be too long!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, If you happen to live in England and also in the south west and know where I can get a cool 50cc scooter… please give me a shout…?!

Until the next time!


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