Update: time is of the essence!

Hello reader,

It’s been a while, I’m sorry I’m going to have to keep this post brief as I am currently once again getting ready for a full day of work ahead of me.

I feel bad since in a previous post I did say I was going to tell you all about my first week at work, so I will tell you about it briefly now. Hopefully I will be able to post some better things later on (hopefully on the weekend!)

My new job is going strangely and fantastically well. When I got there I was put into a lovely year one class (five to six years old) and settled really quickly considering it was only a four-day week. Everything is going great, I was asked to go and help a year four class (eight to nine years old) as I have been commented on being good with the children and confident. Which is always a good sign. So I agreed to help out temporarily until they employ someone to take over full-time. It’s a shame because that means more disruption to the class next month, however it’s just one of those things. Thus next month I should be able to go back to being in my year one class full-time.  Which I am looking forward to I must admit.

I’ve spent all of two days with the year fours and bonding is already going ahead smoothly. The children are responding well to me and we are getting to a point where they are starting to like and respect me. I feel for the second day – that’s quite an achievement. Especially for the children I am working with. That aside, I cannot wait to make a difference in their class.

I’m spending Monday and Tuesday with my year ones and the rest of the week with the year fours. It’s day three in the year four class today. Time to get myself ready!

Thanks for reading!

I’m going to try and post something up soon – when I get chance!

Until the next time ~


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