To expect the unexpected…

Hello reader,

I’m a worrier. The kind of worrier that when the outcome isn’t as bad as I feared – I am actually surprised.

Why? Because for a few years now, I’ve usually been correct with how the consequences to events will pan out. I mean it doesn’t take many brain cells to figure out if something will have a good or bad consequence. I guess you could call it schemas. For instance, something negative has happened after an event which, when the same event occurs I feel a negative consequence is coming my way.

…Let me explain, a few days ago I had to be somewhere (in work) but got held up by a number of things. (The day wasn’t going my way to begin with and it was just getting worse anyway…) So when I rushed over to where I was supposed to be and got myself worked up, spewed out apologies and explanations I was taken back by the response of “no need to worry, it’s all fine, you’re here now.” – I must’ve stood there and blinked about five times before I hastily said a “thank you.” And got back to work.

The reason for my worry is that if this had happened in another work place I’ve been in, I whole heartedly believe this wouldn’t have been the response I received; this is because it just wouldn’t have been. In similar events I have been made to “have a chat” with a senior member of staff and also given the “cold shoulder” after trying to explain. I feel incredibly lucky and happy to know that I am in a place that accepts that things like this happens sometimes – with good reason.

I don’t think I’ll stop worrying about things like this any time soon…It’s difficult to forget the past and events, especially when it makes you feel like you’re treading on eggshells. But at least I know now that I have no need to keep expecting the worst and that I am being treated like an equal in my new place of work. Just as it should be.

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Negativity VS. Positivity; you are important to me!

Hello reader,

How are you? I hope you are doing well today?

I’ve not got much time…

Responsibility and tiredness is an issue at the moment you see, but it’s Friday tomorrow so it’s not all bad.

Just a quick message today about something that has been bugging me…

Self-esteem. We’ve all heard of it. What baffles me the most is how many people in the world suffer from low self – esteem/self-worth. So today/tonight, I am messaging you to tell you – you are worthwhile. You mean something to me and by reading this, I appreciate you being here and joining me. You mean something to the people you are close to, who you see almost every day (or every chance you get!). You mean something to the people you help, to the people you work with and to the people who depend on you. You are important. You, are you. You have a purpose. You are Special.

…You are precious.

I try to remind the children that I work with how great they are, to really drum it (figuratively) into their heads that they should be proud of their work, that they should be proud of themselves. I never forget to say “well done” and “You have done some really great work!” But most importantly I say this and mean it. Some of the children I work with never seem to fully believe me, I see it in their eyes – the doubt. It upsets me, but I know it upsets them more. Nevertheless I will keep praising them all, because I also know that they believe it somehow, perhaps even just for a second… They can feel proud of their achievements.

I too, suffer from low self-esteem though I don’t let on too much. I come across the confident one, the one who always helps others to see their self-worth. However it’s easier that way. I see so much light in others, that I forget to see the light in myself sometimes. Everyone has good days and bad days. I’ve had quite a few bad days, perhaps you have too?

Never forget – the light in your heart shines a lot brighter and a lot more beautiful than the ugly comments or behaviours  someone has spoken to you in the past with so much as half a thought. If someone has said something to you, perhaps a family member or friend, that seems “out of character” call them up on it. Ask them what they truly meant by it. Be brave. It may turn out that they said it the wrong way. Though you’ll never know until you ask. You’ll be able to tell if they mean what they say by how they say it, their body language and in their eyes. Deep breath; you can do it.

It’s all about PMA – “Positive Mental Attitude” – Don’t be held down by the pressure to be someone you aren’t. You are lovely, unique and have strengths and weaknesses in your own right as a person. It makes you who you are, this is something that you can hold your head up high to, in the knowledge that you are real. No one will ever be able to take that away from you. So why try and take it away from you, yourself? It doesn’t seem logical right? Now is the time to begin to be self-respecting – to take your power back and to start loving you!

Have a great day tomorrow and always!

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The Mp3 Budget Battle

Hello reader,

My Mp3 (Sansa Clip+) that i’ve owned since 2012 has perished. Its a sad moment, reader. My mp3 as lame as it might seem has become a part of me and now it’s gone. It’s like losing an arm! Or some other limb. I don’t know. The point is, how dare they make it so technology doesn’t last forever! I don’t care if that’s how they make their money, i’m beyond thinking of excuses for them.

To make matters worse, get this, they have discontinued some of the sansa clip models. That’s not okay. I have managed to find the exact same model on Amazon but it’s gone up a whole £10. It’s still a good deal, but I had hoped after all this time it’d gone down in price rather than up. I enjoy the sansa clip+ model because it’s simple enough to do what I want it to do, with a screen to look and choose whatever soundtrack I like. It’s not stupidly expensive and it has a few extra features.

My problem now is, do I take a chance on a different model? I’ve bought the sansa clip+ twice over the years, and they have both “died” in the same way. Do I take a chance? Or find something else? That’s a problem. I don’t much like change. Once I’m settled with a product I like to keep it. I know a lot of people feel the same, maybe you do too? Just because it’s tried and tested enough, then I can be sure that it’ll last a few years at least. So I suppose it’s given me the confidence to be sure i’m getting a good enough deal for the money.

I’m looking for a simple budget mp3, but the reviews on these always put me off! Nothing will have 100% great reviews when you are looking at a budget …well, anything. But it makes it a lot more difficult to choose something! Also something else to contend with now, is the fact people are getting fancier phones all the time; that can do just about everything except do the washing up. But I do not. I just have this attitude where I like to keep my phone and mp3 separate. … I regret nothing.

Have you had any experience of the GoGear Vibe mp3 player? I’ve seen it, and it looks good for a budget mp3 player but some of the reviews put me right off it. That’s the thing with technology, there’s always a chance something will go wrong or it will be faulty at the get go.

The difficulty with technology is that it wont last forever. Once you find something that lasts a good while, and works for you, you seldom want to change it. This is what I’m struggling with at the moment. However if you know of any good mp3 players at budget price (because unless you are rolling in it, no one should pay over £80 for an mp3 player just like that…well unless you don’t have to pay out for anything else.) Anyway, I would love to hear from you about your ideas for a good budget price, simple mp3 (preferably 8gb, with an SD card slot…I don’t ask for much do I? Haha!)

Thanks for reading,

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“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”
Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt.

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