Message From Me To You:

Hello reader,

Happy Friday to you! And in February no less, gosh where did January go?!

*Writers note* : apologies if Friday isn’t the end of your working week. >.<

I trust you’ve been taking care of yourself over this week? I have unfortunately been (yet again) quite ill…So haven’t had any energy or the brain power to write. But also like so many of us I struggled through the week with the knowledge that it will be worth it to have the money in my pay packet at the end of the month! I must say I did have some flu-ish symptoms so really I think they should’ve sent me home. Or I just shouldn’t have gone in! …Ah, nevermind, Ces’t la vie and all that…

Just a quick message from me to you today really reader, as I am phenomenally tired and just want to curl up and go to bed. It’s 7:20pm over here, and I started work tired, so don’t judge me on that one (If you could….please?) It’s been a long day. When days are long you start doing silly things… like talking to yourself as you walk down corridors, and forgetting things that you were going to do ten seconds after you decided to do it.  … What?  Pssh…It happens to the best of us okay? Okay.

Anyway, the reason for my quick message is to wish you all a fabulous weekend and I will hopefully be writing about topics on dreams, religion, illness/mental illness, childcare and more very soon! I Just gotta grab a chance to write. I shall make space for it! I promise!

Weekends always go too fast, make the most of them and make a good balance of putting your feet up and also letting “your hair down” to have some fun!

Make some memories!

Until next time ~ &#8211; love the picture, kudos to artist. This picture unfortunately doesn’t belong to me!


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