To expect the unexpected…

Hello reader,

I’m a worrier. The kind of worrier that when the outcome isn’t as bad as I feared – I am actually surprised.

Why? Because for a few years now, I’ve usually been correct with how the consequences to events will pan out. I mean it doesn’t take many brain cells to figure out if something will have a good or bad consequence. I guess you could call it schemas. For instance, something negative has happened after an event which, when the same event occurs I feel a negative consequence is coming my way.

…Let me explain, a few days ago I had to be somewhere (in work) but got held up by a number of things. (The day wasn’t going my way to begin with and it was just getting worse anyway…) So when I rushed over to where I was supposed to be and got myself worked up, spewed out apologies and explanations I was taken back by the response of “no need to worry, it’s all fine, you’re here now.” – I must’ve stood there and blinked about five times before I hastily said a “thank you.” And got back to work.

The reason for my worry is that if this had happened in another work place I’ve been in, I whole heartedly believe this wouldn’t have been the response I received; this is because it just wouldn’t have been. In similar events I have been made to “have a chat” with a senior member of staff and also given the “cold shoulder” after trying to explain. I feel incredibly lucky and happy to know that I am in a place that accepts that things like this happens sometimes – with good reason.

I don’t think I’ll stop worrying about things like this any time soon…It’s difficult to forget the past and events, especially when it makes you feel like you’re treading on eggshells. But at least I know now that I have no need to keep expecting the worst and that I am being treated like an equal in my new place of work. Just as it should be.

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