Gurt Baby: Update – it’s been yeeeaarrsss! Well, months…


So, at the end of last year I posted “My Gurt Baby – Up for Adoption.” And said that when I started work that I would update you all about what my plan was to go further.
I’ve (as you may or may not know) have started working now (loving it – by the way!) but as of the last week or so have decided against, that’s right, against a scooter. Why? Because I now feel a car is the better choice. I can go further with a car, stay dryer and all round stay (hopefully!) safer… plus the added bonus of being able to listen to all my awesome rock music along the way too!

The difficulty is – if you are a young driver you can relate – is the excessive costs of driving. As if living in general wasn’t expensive enough! Seriously. I’ve managed to find a few small cheap cars that don’t have too many bad things to say about them. I just want a cheap “run around” car to get me from A to B. I know the car in the price range I’m looking at (especially older cars) may not last me as long. But I’m only looking at it for about 5 years at the very most anyway!

Not only is it difficult price wise but also the look and feel of a car is important. My worry is that maybe I have to have a certain car but I won’t be comfortable driving it, but feel forced to have it because of the money side of things. So what did I do? Took control, that’s what. I have spent the last week researching my butt off trying to find decent enough cars that aren’t too expensive to insure.

This is what I’ve found:

Ford KA, Vauxhall Corsa Club 1.0L, Peugeot 106 1.1L, Volkswagen polo 1.2L, Ford fiesta zetec 1.3, Ford Fiesta ENCORE 1.2L and the Nissan Micra. All seem to be pretty good first time cars. I know loads of people go for the KA but I’ve heard some bad things about the cheaper model of the KA.

Peugeot’s seem to live forever given the right amount of care, y’know serviced every so often. Checking for rust, oil levels and such. But that’s pretty much the same for ALL cars anyway. You don’t just buy a car and drive it, a car takes responsibility…. A bit like a pet. But it stays outside and takes you places. Unless you have a pet horse. … Weird analogy. Forget about that...

…Moving that aside, I hope to be getting a car now in the near future, so. excited. The… I suppose “typical woman about cars” in me is saying that it has to be a particular colour. Well… it does. I’m okay with red, black, purple and maybe… maybe dark blue. But none of that light blue crap.

If I’ve listed a car and you happen to be a mechanic and/or you have a vested interest about helping people looking for a car for the first, second or third time please leave me a message I’ll be happy to hear from you. Or even if you are just a person with an opinion about the cars I’ve listed I may consider your choice if there is a good enough reason, haha!

Thanks a bunch guys!

Until the next time ~

Picture from: kudos.


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