Never be ashamed of who you are…

Hey all,

So I’ve been thinking of something a bit more serious to write about, and I feel it’s always a good idea to write about things that you know about.

So what do I know?

I know myself.

…That’s a start…

I also know that on a daily basis women, young/mature women… females, struggle with hurdles set against us. And not for our or your amusement either. Not only do we have to struggle through monthly pains, there’s also a looming demon hovering over our heads called society. This secretly tells us that it’s not “proper” to act a certain way when you are of certain age. I call this a secret because it’s not really spoken of, and the few women who claim they aren’t affected by this… I can’t believe you. Apologies. But if you are truly honest, I would love to know some tips.

I cannot speak for men, I’m sure they have their own personal demons that they struggle with. But it’s okay for a guy to be… gross. No really. It is. No one judges you. Someone might go “Eww” (especially the “prudes”) but in general you do not get judged. At least not for very long. Maybe a second or two. Women may not be getting judged, but we feel like we do, and that’s worse than someone outwardly saying something just because women are very paranoid creatures at the best of times.

…Just saying.

My point being most, if not all women struggle with living with someone for the first time, sharing a bed, even being in close proximity to someone else when using the bathroom etc. Why? I mean we are told we live in a very excepting society and that everyone is human and we all have the same bodily functions as anyone else. But we cover it up (or try to with the best of our abilities…) We can get so embarrassed about the things we cannot control because it’s not okay to us. Or at least in the back of our minds it doesn’t feel like it’s okay. Even though it is.

Ladies, I’ve got your back!

It seems like over the years nothing has really changed when it comes to the image of women. We are still seen as though we are completely different to men. Which yes, we are to an extent. Though the differences aren’t all that far apart as to what you’d expect. I believe both men and women, have the same insecurities and emotions, the only thing is we tend to deal with them in different ways. For instance women are more emotional – tend to suffer in silence types when it comes to this, because that’s the “secret” way society implies its rules onto us. (It’s complicated, but women are complicated. That’s just how it is.) And guys, well I think some guys just fake confidence to get by… Correct me if I’m wrong. Haha, I haven’t got a clue, but it may have something to do again with the “secret” society plays on them too. I’m going to name it “the kind of secret code.”  You whisper the “kind of” part because people know it’s there, they just don’t like talking about it. I’m sure you know what I’m on about, if not… You have been amazingly oblivious to yourself and those around you, and I applaud your innocence – since I’d like to have that too.

No lie. There is a mountain of “how to handle bodily functions” for women online. How do I know? I have literally just looked it up. I thought there would be, but I wouldn’t be a very good writer if I didn’t at least check it out first, now would I? There’s even a lot of writing about women panicking about being gassy in front of their partners.

Women everywhere, If you can relax about yourself, you are going to be doing you a huge favour (that you can thank yourself for when mastering it.) I know you might be worried about what your other half thinks about you being gassy or if he can hear you in the toilet. Nevertheless, I want you to try and embrace it, even just a little bit.

If your partner can’t handle the fact that you are a human being, with the same needs, wants and bodily functions as any other than your partner doesn’t deserve you! I couldn’t live in that kind of relationship, and I’m sure you wouldn’t like that either.

So if you are a guy reading this, I’m sorry, not sorry but women have probably gotten a lot more complicated for you. Or you already knew! In which case I like you, you seem to care about us. Or you have sisters and been bombarded with information. That, I can be sorry about. Either way, try not to joke about us too much (unless we are okay with that) cause you might be making us … worse. We’re already crazy with all our conflicting emotions – try not to make it worse….

Seriously though, try to be more open with your partners about it, I’m not saying go through every little detail, but if you get it out there in the open, you can just relax about it. Women shouldn’t have to go through all this mental drama on their own.

Let’s lessen the clogging chaos on the internet about women and their strife about all these things that may matter at the time, but would just go away if spoken about shamelessly.