Blast from the Past!


In 2012 I created a blog with exactly two posts in it. One was of Anime, the other was of my spiritual nature. I can honestly say It’s strange to be reading something that I had completely forgotten about so long ago. It’s as if I’m staring at the eighteen year old me and saying “wtf are you on about?!” … In all seriousness I have decided to share this with all of the dear readers of mine, because not only does it show me how far I’ve come in three years, but it might help you reflect on just how far you’ve come too.

Meditation and Strange Events (by rabidsquirrels999)   (Haha, old nicknames…)

So, after being spoken to by a medium (clairaudient) he has reminded me of my love of all things spiritual and supernatural. This may be something “far out” to some people but believe me when i say if you can accept things and people as they are you will be a lot happier.

Moving on.

I tried a bit of meditation and blimmey was it hard to shut off! There’s loads of ways to do it, but what i found comfortable was to sit in the middle of my bedroom (some people tell you not to do this in your bedroom because of energies and things but, they also say to do it in a place you feel most comfortable – so it’s up to you!) and just relax and to concentrate on my breathing until I slowly “slipped away” now for the first time this took forever, and i was getting a bit impatient to be honest. But I stuck to it and something… weird happened.

First of all I started to feel a warm sensation in my ears, it was really strange and it was enough to make me want to stop doing the meditation. But i didn’t. I next had a sudden urge say “hello” to the left side of me, which is to me, completely crazy and you would probably agree and say “she’s nuts!” but that’s the thing, I did say “hello” …but when I realised I wasn’t going to get a reply (duh!) I closed my eyes and began to meditate again.

Next I heard what sounded like banging or some sort of noise on the landing. Now that isn’t so strange because as a sort of skeptic and someone who likes to think logically about things, I know that my landing makes weird noises because of the boiler in the attic (i know, that’s strange… but the councils decision) and pipes and things under the floorboards.

So in that case, if I knew this, what made me get up from my peaceful meditation and run to the door, fling it open and say “hello” again? I have no idea. It’s a very …interesting thing.

I haven’t meditated since, because I was told that the warm sensation on my ear could be something to do with being clairaudent so it’s important for me to know some sort of protection incase I get “good” at it and unknowingly call a mischievous spirit… or something.

I’m still being completely open and I’m not saying “oh, so I’m clairaudient then?” absolutely not! But there are questions left unanswered and I’m doing lots of research to find out!

I’m also trying to get in touch with that medium again, he says he does his work for free,  but I would really just like to sit down and have a chat with him, he may be able to help me on my path! So far, no luck, which is really disappointing!

…Three years later, I have slowed down with meditation and spirits. I wouldn’t say it was a phase as I am still very keen to believe there is something more to this life than what we can see with our own eyes. However I have calmed down about it all and I’ve started taking my time. I’ve learnt not to rush and to take things as steady as I can. It’s still hard to shut off during meditation, but I’ve always been quite the “tensed” type anyway. I rarely meditate, only if I feel I need to try and relax. The man I was talking about did get back into contact with me, I asked him if I could meet with him and he told me he goes to this christian/spiritual church on Sundays. I’ve not met with him.

It’s a shame because I could have more answers now, but I felt uncomfortable due to it being a religious spiritual place and I’m not all that religious. I’m in between. Sure having something higher would be fascinating, but I’m rational. I take things as I experience or understand it myself.

It was interesting looking back on my slightly younger self, to realise how far I’ve come in rational thinking and understanding of the world around me. Right now, I’m happy to go along the path I’m on – as I am –  and at the right time something or someone will come along and change things as I know it once again. I’ll be ready for it. 

It may not feel like it, but everything can change in just one year.

Where were you this time last year?

Are you where you wanted to be or thought you would be today?

Thanks for reading,

Until the next time ~

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