Hello fellow readers (and writers!)

How long has it been? … Let’s go with a very long time. (I may not be able to remember).

Firstly, I would like to begin with how things have changed dramatically since my last post on WordPress. My. Days.

I have started on a new quest to find myself and what shall become of my life. …In other words, I’ve moved out from my parents place. Shocking.

It’s been about seven months now, living and running a home is not all the glitz and glamour I thought it could be. When I first moved in, there was endless possibilities and countless things to do! Now, well… it’s just about manageable to clean the house and get the washing done and ironed let alone getting things to make the place more homely!

That said, my partner and I have bought some things to do this. However my big plans of completely “doing up” the place and putting our own stamp on it (because the colour scheme is a bit iffy) has gone down the drain.

Why?  Because the lack of presence the landlord is providing! Which seems to be a growing concern for a lot of people renting homes… Sure we clean the house and keep it tidy and liveable, but there’s only so much you can do before you are face to face with mouldy carpets.

My partner and I live in a rented property and as such requested help from the landlord to sort the mess out. The mould was there as we arrived in one of the bedrooms and was not caused by us. It has been months now. Nothing has been sorted. And don’t even get me started on the rat situation – Ugh!

I don’t want to put anyone off living in rented accommodation, especially if you are like me and just starting out. I would urge you to not be blind sighted by the first decent house/flat that comes your way and to do lots of research before hand. I believed I had, but little did I know there was much more to consider!

To wrap up, I have since found there are many obstacles to face when starting out on your own (with a partner or not). The positive side to moving out is the freedom and chance to make things your own. It’s true that I felt “all grown up” before I moved house, but now I feel like an adult. It can be stressful and sometimes even a little depressing to get home from work and realise you have another list of jobs that need to be done. And yet, it is worth it, knowing that you are moving forward and having a life of your own.

Thanks for reading!

Until the next time,


If anyone else is struggling in their home, I urge you to seek advice from a Citizens Advice Bureau (CBA) cause they are a helpful resource!







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