What have I been up to?!

Hello dear friends,

What have I been up to?

Well I’ve been really busy!

I would like to introduce to you the new addition to the family – Vinny (the kitten)


Isn’t he gorgeous? … There were so many pictures to choose from!

….Here’s another! IMG-20160823-WA0015.jpeg



So my time is a bit preoccupied with looking after this sweetheart. (Don’t let the cuteness fool you though, he can be a vicious baby sometimes! He’s such a tom).

The other thing that’s really been taking up my time, is my new job. No longer am I working with the little ones! I have changed direction and I’m on a new path to discover hidden potentials…. Or something?

I now work as an Administrator … of sorts. Go me?

I work for Gemini Computers in Bridgwater. I help with eBay, Facebook, emails, photography and …. lots of other bits and pieces which is why it’s just easier to call myself an admin assistant haha. Anyway … If you are interested you can find us on Facebook and eBay!

Facebook; search for Gemini Computers, make sure it’s the Bridgwater one 😉  There is a link on there to direct people to our eBay page too!


ANYWAY – enough advertising. Blugh! This was not the reason I am writing before work this morning – eek I’m on a time limit!

I have some sad news my friends.

If you haven’t read my last post then please do, so you fully understand what I’m about to say.

My Landlord is selling the property.

We (my partner and I)  have until 10th November 2016 to vacate.

If it’s never happened to you, you can’t imagine what it feels like. It’s a bit like a break up. You’re confused, upset, angry and maybe even feel a little sick. All you want to know is WHY! Only for them to be like

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

 What an answer-less answer!

After calming down and stewing over it for a few weeks, I suddenly had an idea.

We had originally said no to anyone coming in and viewing the property to value it.  What if… We changed that, and said we would but for extra time?

….So with some quick thinking from yours truly…And a lot of support and encouragement to say that it WAS in fact a good idea and that I wasn’t crazy from my partner … We now have an extra month on our side!

We now have until the 10th December 2016!

Why is this sad news? Well, we had plans to leave next spring, in our own time. It’s never very nice being told you have to leave your home, extra month or not. Especially when it’s not even your fault. It’s meant that Christmas will be cheap due to saving for this new home too.

It’s all okay really, but it’s always a little disappointing.

It’s a difficult time right now, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to write to you.

But I hope to keep you all posted and hopefully have happier things to discuss. Like news from this little guy: IMG_20160809_094850.jpg (Caught him playing with the cord in the bathroom looking all proud of himself that he even got up there)

Right, time for his breakfast – he’s already meowing at me! Little tubby.  ❤

More rambles soon!

Until the next time ~