Souls and Coffee

Hello dear readers,

Not that it matters, but I am currently balancing the working day and slotting in a new post. I just wanted to share my dedication haha!

Well, this is just a short post as I only have about 10 minutes to post something. Apologies in advance for the sloppy typing.

Something crossed my mind and I just needed to drop everything and share it with you.

“Never let a chance to be with someone who connects with your soul slip through your fingers.”

Now I don’t just mean your partner, this could be anyone. A long distance friend, an old friend, family, best friend etc. Just someone that, when you meet, you talk about things that are important to you, and you share that same interest with them.

A bit like a Soul Mate.

Random side note * I once had a guy come into my friends shop and tell us we were soul mates. We laughed but he explained that soul mates can be more than just someone you love romantically. But love like family. Close friends. People who were just “meant to be” if you believe that stuff. I thought it was interesting to speculate over anyway.

So, I think I suffer from a slight anxiety (who doesn’t) over meeting friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. This can be anywhere between 6 months to 6 years apart. I don’t think this is necessarily weird, I think many people have the same problem. It then sparks the question: Do I meet them, or do I find an excuse and politely decline?


As you can imagine, when faced with this debate I tend to over think and think of differen’t scenarios. Usually the worse case scenario such as, we don’t get along anymore, we are completely differen’t now, they have turned into a horrible person and I need to make a swift exit.  Gotta go!

What normally happens? 

Person: Hey how are you? Oh, it’s lovely to see you, lets grab a coffee and catch up, how have you been?

Me: Heh-Hi! Um, not too bad thanks, you? *awkward* Yeah let’s do that *tries to act calm but inside is over thinking every detail* (what if I don’t like anything?? What if I don’t have the right money… panic. panic. panic.

If I was calmer: I love coffee, it’s all good, I’ll just offer to pay on card for us both, my treat, problem solved. I’ve got this.

But nooo, thanks again brain.

*In the shop* 

*meanwhile, me still in panic mode* 

Person: What would you like? We can order together.

Me: *gives order, normally like a robot or a kitten  – take your pick.*

Person: Don’t worry I’ve got this one.

Me: Oh, thank you very much. (You don’t know how much you just saved my life.) 

*my brain is so tenderly dramatic sometimes.* 

sit down and relax. 

Heheh… Now this is just a brief example of how I sometimes feel in situations that require any form of cafe with a person I haven’t been around a lot. …. Maybe part of it comes to never experiencing going out much as a child? I dunno. Regardless, I really appreciate it when people take the lead on these kinds of things. Maybe it’s as plain as the nose on my face how awkward I am? Haha – sorry guys. I freakin’ annoy myself sometimes.

But, it’s all good, I’ll get ours next time.

I’ve got this. 

What I’m trying to say is, no matter how socially awkward I am – don’t even get me started on pubs. I always make an effort to meet people who make me feel happier about life. It’s important to keep pushing yourself to go out and make an effort even if you are going crazy in your head. It’s never as bad as your anxiety makes it out to be. Don’t let it win. 

It’ll be such a shame if you missed out on a chance to make your heart happy. Share a moment with someone who connects with your soul. It’ll be worth it.

*I’m out of time for now. But I will speak to you soon.

Until the next time. ~




Picture: Kudos.