My New Job – A very short post!

WARNING Advertising is about to mercilessly be upon you!!!!

So, I’ve changed my job – I now work at a humble little computer shop called Gemini Computers in Bridgwater (UK) It’s great but I have a shout out to my fellow readers….

I need your support!  – This is a link to the facebook page. I really hope you can spare a couple minutes to check out the page and like the page too!

As the Admin, I’m in charge of all things ‘internet’ which involves looking after, stock facebook and ebay! And I reeeaaaally want the shop to get noticed! ‘Cause who doesn’t want their team to be a success?

The shop itself has been here for 20 years, and a lot has shifted in the way of internet shopping since we’ve been here… we are also hidden away in a little avenue and not many people realise we are here… So!

If you could, please please please, like the page and help me get the shop out there so we can help more and more people with their computers, phones and tablets! 😀

I’ll leave it in your hands ❤

Thank you and spread the word!





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