Me & Spirituality

I’m not crazy, just a little spiritual. Haha. You might think being spiritual means I am crazy though. Maybe I am … A little? I’m not sure. Like so many before me, I believe in something beyond myself. Though I do not believe in a “God” an all powerful  maker/creator. I do believe in something beyond this life. There must be something more, surely?

Though I haven’t the slightest idea if things like spirits are real, I can only go on what I have felt and what I have the facts for. Do you not ever get the feeling that something is watching you? Causing you to look behind, but seeing nothing there? Or cold spots in the room, or smells that are unexplainable? You might think it funny… but there are just some things that are beyond “there’s a logical explanation to this.”

When I was a little girl, I used to see a man. He would never get too close, and I can’t recall exactly what he looked like, only that my siblings saw this person as well. On several accounts did we tell our mother… She however did not tell me this until a couple years ago when some strange occurrences started to happen in the house. Things like the printer starting up when it wasn’t plugged into the wall. Or when everyone else was out, my mother swore she heard my music on in my room. But when she got near, it stopped. My response though wasn’t to get scared, but to be annoyed that something or someone was messing with my music. No-one touches my stuff.

I digress.

I’ve always been quite spiritual, however I’ve also been a bit of a skeptic. I don’t believe every single piece of evidence that falls onto my lap. I like to do research, see if there’s some credibility to the claim. I don’t like to be fooled. Mediums are a tricky one. For those of you who believe there are no such thing, I feel sorry for you. But I do not blame you. So many tricksters and frauds out there. There are, real people who have sight, who have the sense to communicate. I still take it with a pinch of salt. I want to see it for myself. Maybe one day I will.

One of the biggest things for me I suppose is reincarnation and angels or guardians. I’ve lost so many, that I feel comfort in believing that there might be a way that they are still around watching and guarding me. Keeping me safe. Might just be a silly dream. But we all need those. Something to hold onto to keep us from falling into darkness. I don’t however know why that if I believe in something like that, then why do I not believe in God? I just can’t seem to. There are some things everyone believes in, it’s very hard to explain. I just feel it. If I am wrong. Then I am wrong. I could be wrong about it all. I just like to hold the belief in something greater than myself that might be able to actually help. Rather than a “figure head” that doesn’t intervene with anything…

But that’s just me.

Until the next time.







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