Yes Miss, No Miss, Three Bags Full Miss!

Hello again reader,

Have you just had “one of those days” ? People say, “Oh, it’s been one of those days.” And what they mean is that it’s either been stressful or just a giant pain. I’ve said it and I’m sure most of us have. One of my favourites is “It’s a chocolate day.” – Which is different but so perfect! Having a bad day? Get a chocolate bar at the ready. Nice.

I’ve had “one of those weeks” so far. Which I’m sure you’ll be able to imagine what that’s like.

I’m all over the place this week so far, and it’s not been any better since I’m feeling like crap. No one likes being ill, especially when they have a thousand things they need to be getting on with. Although I guess some people like the occasional day off or relaxation day away from all the stress. Yet for some reason I feel it is my responsibility to keep going until I physically cannot stand and/or function.

It can be frustrating working with little’uns when you are feeling rubbish and the class just doesn’t seem to want to listen. I can’t say for sure if it’s any indication on my part (or the teacher) I just know that children sometimes come in with a “funny” head on their shoulders and it has a domino effect on the entire class. So I’m going to go with “a mix of events” to even it out.

Despite this, I’ve had to cope with other side jobs and trying to remember the endless list of tasks that I’ve been assigned. I mean, they are talking to a young woman who -this morning- couldn’t tuck a chair in for some unknown reason. My hands and brain just decided “nope, we aren’t going to co-operate, okay? Okay.” – Feeling bloody useless at the moment. Sinuses are a pain!

That aside I’m hoping I wont get much worse. The bad weather is coming in which isn’t a good sign, however I hope you are doing better than me?!

I think it would be okay if my job finished as soon as 3:00pm struck on the common school clocks. Though it doesn’t since when I get home I’m almost always having to do odd jobs for people and helping my parents with something. I’ve only just been able to have a chance to write to you, and even then I’m writing with my eyes half closed as I’m so tired!

I shouldn’t complain. Everyone likes to complain a bit though don’t they? I think it gets us through by having a moan about something that’s getting you a bit down. It’s times like these when I can truly reflect by saying “this is my purpose in life.” I can confidently say I am a helper, supporter and educator. I wouldn’t change that. What would I be without these things in my life? I certainly wouldn’t be me. What would you be without those “things” in your life? Whatever that “thing” is or “things” are. What is your purpose in life?  Stay positive about it. There is always something that is just right for you. Yet it’s your job to find it.

It’s this attitude that reminds me to get out of bed in the morning. That gives me the strength to take on the day in school; even if I am running around like a headless chicken and even if it does become “A chocolate day.”

Thanks for reading.

Until the next time!

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Update: time is of the essence!

Hello reader,

It’s been a while, I’m sorry I’m going to have to keep this post brief as I am currently once again getting ready for a full day of work ahead of me.

I feel bad since in a previous post I did say I was going to tell you all about my first week at work, so I will tell you about it briefly now. Hopefully I will be able to post some better things later on (hopefully on the weekend!)

My new job is going strangely and fantastically well. When I got there I was put into a lovely year one class (five to six years old) and settled really quickly considering it was only a four-day week. Everything is going great, I was asked to go and help a year four class (eight to nine years old) as I have been commented on being good with the children and confident. Which is always a good sign. So I agreed to help out temporarily until they employ someone to take over full-time. It’s a shame because that means more disruption to the class next month, however it’s just one of those things. Thus next month I should be able to go back to being in my year one class full-time.  Which I am looking forward to I must admit.

I’ve spent all of two days with the year fours and bonding is already going ahead smoothly. The children are responding well to me and we are getting to a point where they are starting to like and respect me. I feel for the second day – that’s quite an achievement. Especially for the children I am working with. That aside, I cannot wait to make a difference in their class.

I’m spending Monday and Tuesday with my year ones and the rest of the week with the year fours. It’s day three in the year four class today. Time to get myself ready!

Thanks for reading!

I’m going to try and post something up soon – when I get chance!

Until the next time ~

Forcing myself out of my “comfort zone”

*Yawn* My comfort zone being my bed that is. Day one, in preparation of getting good sleep and waking up early so that I can function for work in a few days. My accomplishment today is that I actually woke up when my alarm went off… Baby steps…

Hello reader! I trust you are having a good new year? If you’ve had the holidays off at all, now would be around the time when you are getting ready to get back to work. Ugh. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just for people like me, it takes me a while to get back into a decent routine.

This routine that I’m getting myself into, is a completely new routine as well hence new job, new routine and such. But it’s worth it. I’ve given myself plenty of time and before ya know it, I’ll be getting up early and even going for a quick run – full of energy. …Though, not right now. I’ve managed so far to wake up, turn my alarm off, slither out of bed to quickly to go to the toilet and wash my face to wake up a bit and then… slither back into bed and wrap the blankets around me. If I’m honest I was a little surprised to see it’s still dark outside this early. Even though I should have completely expected it. Thankfully it should be getting a bit brighter early in the mornings, bit by bit now.  Furthermore hopefully by this time next year I’ll have something to drive so that I wont be walking long distances in the dark. Might need to get something reflective for the road…. hmm.

Getting out of bed is hard.  I used to find waking up early no problem at all, but after being out of work for three months, it takes it’s toll… do you ever have this issue? It doesn’t help when firstly, you can’t sleep because you’re thinking too much. Secondly, vivid dreaming isn’t the best kind of dreams. I enjoy the dreams (if they are pleasant dreams) but I tend to wake up more tired if I have vivid dreams. (That’s another story though)

One thing that’s good about my plan to start waking up early is that after four days of easing into it, I should have hardly any issue when I get up for work for real. Sure, it means sacrificing the late nights but it’s not so bad to get back into routine if it means saving myself later.

Hearing cars go past my house so early in the morning makes me feel a bit sad. People start work too early. Sunrise (according to BBC Weather) isn’t until … 8:16am … 8:16am!? Ugh… there should be laws against this. If anyone has to start work before it gets light then it should be called a night shift. Haha, get paid extra for unsociable hours! Or just because it’s dark and gloomy.

I joke  I half joke. I don’t like the idea of walking so early in the morning when it’s still dark I have to admit. The same time in the spring or summer? No problemo. Hmm, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Worrying sleepily over nothing…

That being said, I’m so tempted to go back to sleep. Aha, writing this with one eye open. This is a bit like pillow talk. When you’re too tired to function as you would normally so you talk a load of “rubbish” that you probably aren’t going to remember in the morning. Obviously just the cuddly, “intimate” type of talking. Don’t even think about it, pervert. You’re welcome. In all seriousness, I am freakin’ sleepy. … And suddenly hungry.

Day two of getting a better routine of sleep for work: accomplishment? Actually staying out of bed for longer than two minutes. I feel getting ready, is a day three job. Might be pushing it for tomorrow – if today is anything to go by…

Hope you are doing a better job of getting up early than I am at the moment! What time do you have to get up for work? Is it ridiculously early? Or do you work a nine to five type deal? How do you make sure you get up in the morning?

Thanks for reading!

Until the next time~