If It’s Worth It Keep Trying: Finally A Success Story…

Hello again reader,

It stands to reason that in life; you get out what you put in.

I went for my second interview on Wednesday (at a school) and I couldn’t have been happier walking through the school gates. Weird, huh? I’ve always enjoyed being in school. I wasn’t the person I’d call a “goodie-goodie” in school. I was quiet, so I got away with a few things. Teachers liked me and I got on well with a lot of different people. I had a good reputation, and was there for people who were in trouble. Even the people who you’d stay away from normally, liked me. Probably because I gave them a chance and tried to help them, rather than judge them. Which I have taken with me into my adult life, however for most of school I was depressed. People were normally very surprised when I told them about my home life growing up. I’m the typical – “She’s always smiling and being helpful” labelled person. … We won’t go into this right now though – story for another time.

So, my interview went really well on Wednesday. I had a test on writing something to do with introductions. I was a bit miffed that I didn’t have a test on my maths, since I was ready for it. Then had an observation done, where I went into a classroom, helped some year 7’s – lovely group of kids. People tend to stay away from Parkway in my town, with good reason too. Although I don’t particularly like the area I would be more than happy to help the children in that area. As I know how it feels to be less well off than others and have a bit of a troubled background. Not just through myself but from the people I used to know growing up.

After chatting to the members of staff and having a good time, I went home with mixed feelings. I couldn’t describe it, I just felt that I hadn’t got it, even though the interview went well. I was being interviewed for a Secondary position (something I wasn’t aware of until I got there) It all felt… Strange.

Needless to say, I got a phone call that day with the response of – “…I have two things to tell you – one, unfortunately you didn’t get the job and secondly, we’d like to offer you something in the primary school…” – say what?

I went back to the school on Friday to go through the process again. Primary school children…. Is a much better fit, they were completely right with that one. I completed a small activity of reading a book with them and the task was to find the adjectives. I was really pleased with their efforts and said thank you to them, which they responded with a big “thank you for seeing us!” … It was adorable.

So I wasn’t sure If I was going to get the job. It’s not good to necessarily assume you will get something. I might have been terrible! The good news is, I wasn’t. They have offered me the job!

After all that hard work, it’s great to finally say – I’ve got what I’ve been wanting for all these years. To work in a Primary school as a teaching assistant (TA) with children from all kinds of backgrounds and to start making a positive difference.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” – Theodore Roosevelt
Until the next time!

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Working with Children: Maths Quest

Hello Reader,

So if you have read any of my previous posts relating to my current work situation you will know that I am currently unemployed. I’m looking for work after being royally screwed over by my last employers. That aside, I am trying to find my place in a school. Something I’ve been trying to do since I finished college. A lot of people think working with children is easy. But it’s not. There is so much effort that goes into it. Well I guess it depends on the person. Personally, I want to help develop children’s minds to the best of my ability, and when I find a barrier somewhere I …educate myself and try and go the “extra mile.” As people working with children should.

I was an average student getting my C – A* grades. My strengths have always been in English and History. Though I’m good at other things too. Shockingly I got a B in drama. Go figure. On the other hand, I struggle a great deal with Maths. I had to re-take in college because I was one mark off a C. However when I tell people this, sometimes they feel that I can’t do Maths at all (seriously, it’s weird), so they ask me an easy addition sum, to “test the water” or some rubbish. Having said that I hate being put on the spot with maths and I’ve no doubt you fine people can relate. My mind just goes blank and I feel my face twitch as I’m just about ready to use my fingers when suddenly my brain pops in and says “howdy! I feel like you need me right now.” It’s no joke. I mean at the dinner table a day or so ago my father asks me “So what’s fourteen subtract five?”  – Out of nowhere! He’s looking at me like “Come on… I’ve just shocked the crap out of you with a random sum, right in your face and you will know the answer.” So I’m sat there, with a face full of food, eyes wide and I’m thinking, “Why, are you doing this to me?” Forget the sum! The sum is forgotten! As I’m just starring at my dad like he has betrayed me and ruined this nice moment of filling my stomach …Okay, that’s a little extreme; it was more that I sat there, with a blank expression on my face trying desperately to get my mind to work on the sum, rather than not choking on my dinner. The problem is, it’s such a simple sum. That I feel ridiculously stupid for not getting it in the first five seconds.

It’s… to say the least a bit frustrating when I go to an interview and they give a test of Maths and English, giving me all of twenty minutes to complete – which I didn’t know about. If I had known, I would have done what I’m doing now. It’s been so long since I’ve done maths that I had even forgot what borrowing was in a subtraction sum. And which was greater than or less than e.g. < is Less than. I only know that now because I’ve been re-learning it all!! …Bloody hell.

Anyway, I have another interview on Wednesday, in a school. As a Teaching Assistant (TA) so… I’m just learning everything I need to feel a bit more confident. I think it’s good anyway to refresh your memory with things like this, just incase you ever get a sudden pop quiz from your father who likes to take the piss. In all seriousness though, in my line of work, I need to be at least a bit smarter and “in the know” than the children. Lets be realistic.

I wouldn’t say I’m thick or stupid. My mental arithmetic just isn’t great. Give me a pad of paper and a pen then I’m fine (as long as I remember to correct formula for the sum) My excuse is I’m left handed so more creative and better at other things, so it wouldn’t be fair if I was great at maths as well… *cough*

I have started going on… Bitesize… It’s a bit boring. It didn’t seem to be working. A bit of a shame ’cause they have it all in order and it’s perfect but… I don’t know how young children are supposed to revise with it… So i’ve changed tactics and have opted for Videos! Much more helpful, with someone talking me through it. I may actually buy some books that are aimed at children to practice. I’m not ashamed to admit I need to try hard at maths. Everyone has that one subject or one thing that they need to try a little harder at in life. I’m proud to say, I’m not giving up, and if there is something you feel you could be better in, you shouldn’t give up either. Practice really does make perfect. …Or close to it. But you never know, being good at something is better than not being able to do something at all.

I’ll hopefully now be ready for my challenge on Wednesday. I’m also going to be in a classroom helping instead of doing my own activity, which is fantastic as I’d like to have an idea of how they get on in a classroom. Don’t get me wrong, one to one time or small group activities with children are great. I just prefer the atmosphere of a classroom. Besides, it’s a good experience to see how they work, since I’ll be looking to see if they are right for me as much as I am for them.

So let the Maths quest continue. I will become more confident. This is the beginning of something positive. To become happier with myself and comfortable in my abilities as an adult. Why not give it a try yourself? Even if it’s just gaining that extra bit of knowledge about the world.

…Let’s hope it pays off, huh?

Thanks for reading!

The answer was nine by the way. You got it, right? Yeah, me too after I’d stopped panicking… wasn’t so hard after all haha!

Until the next time.

So Near… Yet…Blah Blah…

Hello reader,

Following up from my last post “Send me some of that positive vibe!” I can conclude to you…. *drum roll* …

…I didn’t get the job.

*insert car crash sound here*

I felt rather unpleasant with myself last night. Filled with failure, regret and feelings of inadequacy….

However this morning I’m revived by the rejuvenating night of sleep. And feel like saying a huge – well, F*** YOU WORLD!

I didn’t get the job because of the huge amount of applicants and some of those were teachers. HEY! You teachers, stick to your own job – teaching. And let us teaching assistants come in and do ours. There’s an order, a hierarchy – if you will – to schools. Stop over stepping the boundaries! This really makes me annoyed. But I will say no more. Since I know it’s hard for new teachers to get jobs in being a teacher (Like, wtf is wrong with the world!? Oh yeah, everything.)

All I can say is that I gave it my all, got some really positive feedback. The children loved me, and as far as the activity was concerned, it was a roaring success. Just someone else had more experience or was just better than me. Story of my life.

I won’t give up trying to pursue my dreams. I’ve still got my volunteering at a school which will help. Although it’s a real shame that all my previous experience in childcare and my qualification, can’t seem to get me a paid job in school. Something is wrong here.

I had to do a test in Maths and English…. I was not prepared. Had that sinking feeling of “Oh @&%$” I had 20 minutes…. I did not complete all of it. But the kind lady said the tests didn’t matter so much. Needless to say I’m currently brushing up on all my skills in maths, english and science – KS1 and KS2 … You think I’d know it all. I thought I did too. Nope. Not a chance. It was years ago!

Reader, I went though a struggle last night, but I have turned a corner and have released a new strength in me this morning. Finding strength to continue when things are really tough can be gruelling, back-breaking and difficult. But If you keep pushing, keep fighting and muster your strength up you can continue with the right attitude and a strong will. You will get to where you want to be, or where you are meant to be.You can do it.

“You have come this far, don’t give up now.” – The Notebook.

Thanks for reading,

Until the next time!