One for the teachers!

Hello all,

Another petition I’m sharing from the Care2 website, is to help UK teachers under the government to claim back the respect they so deeply deserve.

Teachers work hard, it’s a long, tough and tiring day. They don’t need (or warrant) the amount of abuse they get!

Please help –

Thank you.


So I love wolves…

Hey all…

The petition I am going to share with you today is…

Tell Idaho: Educate Kids, Don’t Slaughter Wolves!!

My favourite animal is the wolf… I just think they are awesome, okay?

But it pains me to think that people keep hunting them down. I don’t want wolves to become extinct.

So you would be helping me, and every other person who cares about the lives of wolves (and nature) if you could take a moment of your time to sign this petition…  (I hope the link works?)

Thank you

Dare to petition for what you believe in?

Hey readers and writers,

For a while now I have been petitioning on various sites for things I believe need to be stopped, started or generally helped with. But it never occurred to me that I could perhaps spread the word on here too. I mainly use “Care2 petitions” to petition for things such as animal cruelty, politics, education etc.

Here’s a link:

This site has also been on the news recently. It’s completely safe and easy to use.

So my new hot topic for my site is going to be a “Petitioning” category. Which you will be able to find under my “Packed up in Boxes” at the side of this page.

Enjoy, I hope you join in, you can sign up and get updates on various things. You can opt. out of being contacted and everything. It’s all your choice. But it really does help. Recently we’ve helped stop cats being trapped and sadly killed in New Zealand. Also we’ve gained public access for special needs children in Wisconsin.

Once you start to petition you gain “Butterfly points” which you can spend on various causes.

Loads and loads of people are getting involved, and it would be great if you could too! It’s free and easy all it takes up is a bit of your time to petition for something you feel passionate about.

Ultimately it makes life seem a little better.

“If we make a choice and be the voice for those who won’t speak up for themselves
How many lives would be saved, changed, and rearranged
Now it’s our time to pick a side
So don’t keep walkin’ by
Not wantin’ to intervene
’cause you wanna exist and never be seen
So let’s wake up and change the world
Our time is now.”

(Superchick lyrics – Hero

Every signature counts.

Until the next time ~