One of my favourites…

Hello reader,

Shadowmancer by J.P Taylor is one of my first and forever favourites of all time books. It was passed down to me by one of my older brothers when I was young. Needless to say, I fell in love with the book. I wouldn’t say It’s the best ever written book, but it got me hooked on the supernatural feel. I haven’t read it in so long, so the temptation to put down the book I’m currently reading, (Witch Light by Susan Fletcher) put it to one side and pick the book up again.. Is almost torturous. You’d think – “Why don’t I just read it again?” … I have so many other books I haven’t read… literally a pile – I’m so behind! That reading that book again is my goal. Keeps me going. Even if I do every now and then look longingly at all it’s tattered glory.

Everyone needs to start somewhere… This for me was the perfect place to start…

“From darkness comes an ancient evil…”

“The brilliance of the full moon penetrated the darkest depths of the wood that gripped the tops of the cliffs…”

“She dared not swallow for fear they would hear her. Even at such a close distance, she could not make out any shape of the creatures, just red staring eyes.”

“I will capture the heavens, I will be more important than God. I will sit in judgement of the earth. I will be higher than the heights of the clouds. The whole world will worship me.” (Demurral)

– G.P Taylor (Shadowmancer)

It’s all about reader preference. I like this book and would recommend it to someone who would want to read something different regarding the supernatural/fantasy type genre. I think it’s great that the main characters are a boy and a girl. It’s a very focused book, an easy read (If you are interested in this type of thing) I implore you however not to take the religious side of it too seriously, it is of course fiction. It’s to stretch your imagination, and enjoy the ride.


Thank you for reading.

I’m always up for some new ideas when it comes to books/reading. Do you have a favourite book? I would love to know!


Until the next time.