Gurt Baby: Update – it’s been yeeeaarrsss! Well, months…


So, at the end of last year I posted “My Gurt Baby – Up for Adoption.” And said that when I started work that I would update you all about what my plan was to go further.
I’ve (as you may or may not know) have started working now (loving it – by the way!) but as of the last week or so have decided against, that’s right, against a scooter. Why? Because I now feel a car is the better choice. I can go further with a car, stay dryer and all round stay (hopefully!) safer… plus the added bonus of being able to listen to all my awesome rock music along the way too!

The difficulty is – if you are a young driver you can relate – is the excessive costs of driving. As if living in general wasn’t expensive enough! Seriously. I’ve managed to find a few small cheap cars that don’t have too many bad things to say about them. I just want a cheap “run around” car to get me from A to B. I know the car in the price range I’m looking at (especially older cars) may not last me as long. But I’m only looking at it for about 5 years at the very most anyway!

Not only is it difficult price wise but also the look and feel of a car is important. My worry is that maybe I have to have a certain car but I won’t be comfortable driving it, but feel forced to have it because of the money side of things. So what did I do? Took control, that’s what. I have spent the last week researching my butt off trying to find decent enough cars that aren’t too expensive to insure.

This is what I’ve found:

Ford KA, Vauxhall Corsa Club 1.0L, Peugeot 106 1.1L, Volkswagen polo 1.2L, Ford fiesta zetec 1.3, Ford Fiesta ENCORE 1.2L and the Nissan Micra. All seem to be pretty good first time cars. I know loads of people go for the KA but I’ve heard some bad things about the cheaper model of the KA.

Peugeot’s seem to live forever given the right amount of care, y’know serviced every so often. Checking for rust, oil levels and such. But that’s pretty much the same for ALL cars anyway. You don’t just buy a car and drive it, a car takes responsibility…. A bit like a pet. But it stays outside and takes you places. Unless you have a pet horse. … Weird analogy. Forget about that...

…Moving that aside, I hope to be getting a car now in the near future, so. excited. The… I suppose “typical woman about cars” in me is saying that it has to be a particular colour. Well… it does. I’m okay with red, black, purple and maybe… maybe dark blue. But none of that light blue crap.

If I’ve listed a car and you happen to be a mechanic and/or you have a vested interest about helping people looking for a car for the first, second or third time please leave me a message I’ll be happy to hear from you. Or even if you are just a person with an opinion about the cars I’ve listed I may consider your choice if there is a good enough reason, haha!

Thanks a bunch guys!

Until the next time ~

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The Mp3 Budget Battle

Hello reader,

My Mp3 (Sansa Clip+) that i’ve owned since 2012 has perished. Its a sad moment, reader. My mp3 as lame as it might seem has become a part of me and now it’s gone. It’s like losing an arm! Or some other limb. I don’t know. The point is, how dare they make it so technology doesn’t last forever! I don’t care if that’s how they make their money, i’m beyond thinking of excuses for them.

To make matters worse, get this, they have discontinued some of the sansa clip models. That’s not okay. I have managed to find the exact same model on Amazon but it’s gone up a whole £10. It’s still a good deal, but I had hoped after all this time it’d gone down in price rather than up. I enjoy the sansa clip+ model because it’s simple enough to do what I want it to do, with a screen to look and choose whatever soundtrack I like. It’s not stupidly expensive and it has a few extra features.

My problem now is, do I take a chance on a different model? I’ve bought the sansa clip+ twice over the years, and they have both “died” in the same way. Do I take a chance? Or find something else? That’s a problem. I don’t much like change. Once I’m settled with a product I like to keep it. I know a lot of people feel the same, maybe you do too? Just because it’s tried and tested enough, then I can be sure that it’ll last a few years at least. So I suppose it’s given me the confidence to be sure i’m getting a good enough deal for the money.

I’m looking for a simple budget mp3, but the reviews on these always put me off! Nothing will have 100% great reviews when you are looking at a budget …well, anything. But it makes it a lot more difficult to choose something! Also something else to contend with now, is the fact people are getting fancier phones all the time; that can do just about everything except do the washing up. But I do not. I just have this attitude where I like to keep my phone and mp3 separate. … I regret nothing.

Have you had any experience of the GoGear Vibe mp3 player? I’ve seen it, and it looks good for a budget mp3 player but some of the reviews put me right off it. That’s the thing with technology, there’s always a chance something will go wrong or it will be faulty at the get go.

The difficulty with technology is that it wont last forever. Once you find something that lasts a good while, and works for you, you seldom want to change it. This is what I’m struggling with at the moment. However if you know of any good mp3 players at budget price (because unless you are rolling in it, no one should pay over £80 for an mp3 player just like that…well unless you don’t have to pay out for anything else.) Anyway, I would love to hear from you about your ideas for a good budget price, simple mp3 (preferably 8gb, with an SD card slot…I don’t ask for much do I? Haha!)

Thanks for reading,

Until the next time! ~

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”
Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt.

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My gurt baby – up for adoption

Hello! Welcome to another post on The Enlightenment Aspiration or TEA for short. I love it.

Do you ever look at technology and just think, “Why don’t you work for me?!”

I’m not even going to get into the whole night it took my mother to sort out her laptop…

Sometimes things don’t go the way they should with technology.

I’m going to write about my 125cc scooter in here today, why? Because I can. I couldn’t be bothered to give it its own category okay?! Technology means machinery and I’m classing my scooter in it. I don’t think it’s wrong…

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to drive a scooter for a while. Ehrmergerd… I have a car licence but would still need to take the full licence to pass properly and ride without L plates. It’s great and shiny but bloody heavy! I’m quite petite and there is no way I can drive that lug around with me. So alas I’m having to get rid of it and get a 50cc instead. A good 50cc though. Something snazzy looking. If it can’t go very fast I want it to at least LOOK nice! I think some people look really silly on 50cc scooters. Mainly because they are too big for them. But because I’m short, I should have no issues with a nippy 50cc. Also with a 50cc I’d only need to take the CBT because I’m covered for the rest with my licence. Booyah!!

I really want something like : …. You can see in the featured image what my 125cc scooter looks like. It looks awesome! That’s why it’s such a shame I can’t ride the beauty. Ah well. You can also see red is a theme. I’d like red/black. But I’m not opposed to purple/black or green/black or blue/black… another theme for you there. I would like a retro style scooter. I’m not really a “modern” person, and I think the retro style like 60’s style looks a lot better. Not going to lie.

So, in short my baby has to go today. Well i’m hoping it’s today. It was arranged for today at least however no one has turned up for it yet. Bit awkward if no one turns up…

My scooter will be sold on to someone who will be able to handle ‘er. I believe she … is it weird for me to call her a she? …I believe he (just in case) is out of gas though. oops. Oh well.

I will keep you updated. I hope to get a 50cc scooter when I start working. So before you know it I will be posting a picture of my new – able to get me places – scooter. *fingers crossed* It wont be too long!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, If you happen to live in England and also in the south west and know where I can get a cool 50cc scooter… please give me a shout…?!

Until the next time!