Fire and Ice

Hello again reader,

It’s that time of year again, where it gets frosty outside and the winter chill is creeping in. As we speak I have immersed myself into the depths of my blankets making me feel comfortable, safe and warm. I’d like to talk to you about the fires we make when it’s cold. Though it is to no surprise we prefer the warmth of a bed or the heat of a fire, I often wonder why many open fires in homes cease to exist anymore when we create them outside still.

Apart from the obvious dangers, open fires are a great source of warmth and though coal isn’t the cheapest material, there is lots of wood to go around. I stress that I do not condone the murder of tall mighty trees, and prefer that if you are going to use a tree as a living source you should replace that said tree. Or leave some so it may grow anew. I just wondered why we no longer take comfort in an open flame.

My home I would say is a traditional 1900’s building, built around the time of the war. It’s spacious enough for my family – as being the youngest sibling of six – it was very much welcomed. But what disappoints me the most in this house, is that the open fires have all been boarded up. There was a fireplace in each bedroom. In my room there’s still a remnant of the raised board underneath the carpet … which makes things a bit lopsided if you try to put anything there…And a constant reminder due to the internal chimney breast.

Though some houses still have the open fire it is rarely used. Other people opt. for the “look-alike” open fires, the electric ones. I personally don’t like them very much. Though I suppose it reduces the risk of house fires. Moreover I’ve noticed the culprit of the loss of open fires – central heating. Have you ever realised they never put open fireplaces in any new homes? New homes suck. But that’s another story. As much as it is heavenly to wake up toasty in the morning, in my family we rarely use the heating. Why? Cost. I much prefer to wrap up in cosy, snug blankets anyway.

I feel my first thoughts came to me a year or so ago and I only started to think about it again when I re-visited this place a week ago. This building stands tall in the humble countryside of Cannington. The open fire warmed my spirit, like nothing else has ever done before. I’m a sucker for tradition and an old soul at heart.

Later, my thoughts became harder to ignore as yesterday Bonfire Night came around. I spoke to my father about bonfires and he told me how he used to make his own out in the garden using anything he could find. (Things that no-one wanted anymore I should add.) Saying “Penny for the Guy” out in the street, of course this was to make a “Guy Fawkes” to burn later on that day. Simpler times.

It lead me to imagine myself making my own bonfire, I find beauty in the smaller things and could picture myself one day out in the garden with a bonfire going. On a clear starry night with the moon high above me, as if guarding or watching me in it’s celestial grace…

What you may or may not know about bonfire night is how it is supposed to commemorate Guy Fawkes’ failure on blowing up the houses of parliament. For others it’s slightly different that perhaps involves the battle of Boyne in 1690. However I’m focusing my attentions to Guy Fawkes for the time being. The history around Guy Fawkes is that he was arrested after planting explosives under the House of Lords in 1605. The people celebrated King James I survival by lighting bonfires around London. Later on in 1606 the Act of November 5th was put in place, where we would give thanks to the traitors failure. A little weird… But I guess everyone likes a party.

You may recall the famous poem written around 1870:

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

The poem goes onto say about what happened which you can read here: This is said to make sure new generations do not forget the treason that happened all those years ago, so they may carry on the tradition of Bonfire Night. Although I wouldn’t want to burn a “Guy Fawkes” myself… Just seems wrong to me. I would, however fully appreciate a nice warm bonfire to take away the midnight chill.

To conclude, fires are a great source of warmth at this time of year. So if you are planning to make any sort of fire; be it a campfire, bonfire or burning wood/coal in an open fireplace… Please stay safe when making these fires and with setting off fireworks.

Added note:  I’d like to take a minute to remember those people who have been injured or have had fatal injuries. For instance, the two people who have been killed in a firework incident this month in Stafford, UK… Rest in Peace.

Until the next time.

Happy Birthday to you.

Hello reader,

A big good morning/afternoon/evening/night to whoever is reading my post today.

Today is my Mother’s birthday! … I’m feeling more spirited today reader, which is great because it might just be a coincidence but I have applied for two jobs today! That’s right TWO! Which I think in today’s climate of jobs is pretty darn good. Not saying I will get ’em but… we live in hope. Haha.

Anyway I would like to present to you my first ever scarf I have made start to finish all on my own! *Proud moment* It is just over the length of a double bed…or two singles… so it’s quite the standard scarf length. Aha, I just measured in beds. (Should totally be a new thing.) Overall I hope my mother cheers up a bit after giving her this present. She’s been grumpy lately, money troubles… which I’m sure lots of people can relate too.

I have always found it odd about the number of birthday’s that are on the 4th November which I have personally met. Which then led me to think of a mothers meeting or collection of girly bestest buds, discussing to have their babies on the same day cause “that’ll be so cool!” … I however think that’s just weird, so I stopped thinking about it.  I haven’t met anyone with the same birthday as mi- no wait yeah I have, once… I have no idea where that person is now though. *Thinks* … nope.

Reader is your birthday on the 1st December? If so, *fist bump*  – because we are so awesome.

Anyway, if it is your birthday today – HAPPY FREAKIN’ BIRTHDAY! You are so awesome. Yes, you are. For those of you who’s birthday it isn’t, Happy “UnBirthday” to you!

P.s. You never need a reason to eat cake. So go stuff your face and be happy (:

Until the next time ~

Work and the Crossroad Blues

 I went to the crossroad

fell down on my knees

I went to the crossroad

fell down on my knees

Asked the Lord above “Have mercy, now

save poor Bob, if you please

Mmmmm, standin’ at the crossroad

I tried to flag a ride

Standin’ at the crossroad

I tried to flag a ride

Didn’t nobody seem to know me

everybody pass me by…

– Crossroad Blues by Robert Johnson

Good morning, friend.

Waking up this morning feels harder than it used to. After opening the curtains to see the frosty residue left by the night’s chill I went back into my den to delve myself into the sanctity of my blankets. I woke up with this song in my head, not to mention a whole world full of thoughts that’s trapped up inside my brain.

“…I’m standin’ at the crossroad, babe, I believe I’m sinkin’ down.”

Upon not getting anywhere with finding work myself, the “light bulb” moment I seemed to have last night shattered into a million pieces when I realised “Umm, yeah I can’t work from home because I’m not so good at anything.”

Don’t get me wrong, sure I’m good at things, but I couldn’t make a home business of it, could I? The answer I found was no. So back to the starting point I go, like the monopoly piece I am in this game full of disappointment. On the flip side however, things aren’t so bad. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the negative things, especially when these things are massive and impact your life. For instance, no job, no money, no way to move out. But I know that standing at this crossroads wont last forever and I will move forward.

If you, dear reader are in a struggle at the moment – be determined and you will succeed. Sometimes all it takes is a positive attitude to get you out of bed in the morning or change your perspective on something. If things are hard, talk to someone. It’s hard sometimes, I know. Things are hard to explain or hard to even get out of your own mouth. You will have someone to turn to who will be there for you; be it, friend, family member, other half etc. even if you don’t feel like there is. Don’t be afraid to share a problem you are having. Trust me, you are not a burden, and if you are being made to feel that way it’s not your fault it’s theirs. When you find the right person to talk to, that person might be able to help you in discovering a solution to the problem or maybe that person IS your solution.

Nobody said you need to stand at this crossroad alone.

Until the next time.