Ghost Hunting!


You may or may not already be aware, but I love the supernatural. Everything about it. If you do not, please go on to read something else. ‘Cause this would just be a waste of your time. Kay? Kay.

I’m a weird combination of a skeptic and believer. I like to think there is more to life than what we can see, but I need hard evidence to back it up.  Which leads us to the topic of this post – Ghost hunting.

I had the opportunity to go on a Ghost Hunt with my sister, her partner and his friend. We went to Buckfastleigh and there may be a video going up on youtube some time soon once everything has been checked.

If you don’t know, Buckfastleigh is a village in Devon. The story surrounding the Holy Trinity Church is about the spirit of Squire Richard Cabell who lived during the 1600’s who apparently sold his soul to the devil. The hounds are said to roam the moors searching for their master and on stormy nights you can hear them howling. It is also where we get the famous Sherlock Holmes story – The Hound of the Baskervilles. It was said to be based on this story.

Now, theres a lot more to this story and most of it seems a little far-fetched to me. However it’s a good story to start an investigation around.

Once we arrived it was already dark and setting up took a bit of time. When got set up I started taking some photo’s as I was feeling a bit strange. I took some pictures of what appeared to be “orbs”. As it didn’t seem likely to be a bug or dust we decided to get down to business and start the investigation properly.

My sister and I stuck together in one group. Her partner and his friend were in another. Our first task was to go to Squire Cabell’s tomb. On our way to the tomb we noticed the wind pick up and a couple of dogs barking. We were in the middle of nowhere really, but I decided to debunk the noise as neighbourhood dogs. The timing was impecable but the reality, I feel, wasn’t that convincing to be hell hounds.

Anyway we stayed at the tomb for a while and I asked my sister to roll the camera. We took a few pictures and a few videos. One in particular was when we went to the back to take a video and I knocked on the door 7 times. The first time we did this it freaked us out momentarily because my sisters partner came through on our radio and just made us jump. Otherwise there was no significance or other scary happenings other than some fat ass spiders lurking on the tomb – gross.

We walked around some more and the boys told us of a freaky experience down some stairs – like they were pushed. But I cannot say too much about this as I have yet to see the video and it was not my experience.

After something to eat at a ridiculously late time, we decided to head back to the site. We went this time to the broken down part of the church, at the back of it. Where there are some head stones and such.

On one headstone in particular that we found, there was a surgeon who had been buried there. Due to my knowledge of these times I was talking quietly to my sister while her partner tried an EVP session. He felt he heard something from the other corner of the broken wall, I didn’t hear anything, but maybe it will come up on the recording. Who knows?

Anyway, I was speaking to my sister about the grave robbings that used to take place in graveyards such as these. Whilst I was talking to her the air became almost thicker and the sky, darker. We noticed a temperature drop – a cold spot. Which was backed up using a device we had. I couldn’t be sure whether it was because I had mentioned something a bit close to home, wondering if he had been involved with any grave robberies. Or if it had something to do with the EVP session. Or if it was just another spooky coincedence.

We decided to head back to the church. Whilst walking back I looked up at the church tower. I had been keeping an eye on it as there were lights on it illuminating the top of the church. The lights were now off. This explained the sudden darkness. But it didn’t make anyone feel any better. I said to everyone that not to worry, it might be on a timer and goes off later at night to save energy. I’m not sure I had everyone convinced but it seemed like the rational explanation.

As we were walking back, my sisters partner said to us that if the lights are all off then what is that?

Needless to say, there was a bright light emenating from the top of the tower, I took a few photo’s of it myself just incase it was the camera bugging out. It really wasn’t. The light seemed to come down and disappear by the graves in front of us. It freaked us out quite a bit!

We decided to pick up the pace a bit and go back into the church for one last session.

Me and my sister were still together as a team. We stayed in the church. Earlier when we first started the Ghost Hunt, I felt a strange sensation in my chest when I stood up on the altar. But when I got down I was fine. It felt really awful and I couldn’t explain it. However I tried telling myself it was just me getting all worked up. But I didn’t really believe myself.

When we got in the church I was asked if I wanted to stay because of my experiences earlier. I simply said – that’s why I want to stay. If we were to get anything tonight, If I was experiencing something, then Imight be able to draw whatever it was out. And hopefully witness whatever it was on the camera.

With that said, me and my sister were sat on a large rock in the middle of the church with our backs to the altar. I started an EVP session, I asked the spirit to communicate into the device and a series of unscripted questions, which sound rather ridiculous to me now. In my defence it was very late and I was very tired. They made sense at the time but I don’t think i’ll be making a habit of asking a spirit if it is a “male” haha. Oh dear.

My sister and I didn’t hear anything for a good five minutes or so. Until we heard a stone being thrown on the altar. We had an experience similar to this when we were up on the altar at the beginning of the night. Which when we called in with the boys they told us they experienced something very similar. So hearing the noise again it seemed like we were gathering more proof. However as it was in the same place as before I was a little unsure. As it’s a church ruin, it could’ve been the reason we were hearing the stones.

As we were feeling a bit spooked by this point my sister decided to try and communicate back to the boys using our radios. When my sister spoke into the radio to ask “where are you?” (talking to her partner) we heard another stone being thrown, but this time closer to us. On the other side of the altar. I began to get more suspicious and wanted a definate answer. So me, being me, said thank you for communicating with us and I just wanted to hear it again just to be completely sure.

We heard another stone this time.

This time, it was right next to us.

I’m not gonna lie. It freaked us right out. I can’t explain it. We decided to laugh it off and blame the boys for playing tricks on us. They swear it was not them, and were as freaked out as we were.

So, there you have it. Proof? Not proof?

I have no idea.

Pretty spooky if you ask me.

After this experience we decided it was time to pack up and head out.

That was our Ghost Adventure!

I seriously cannot wait for the next one!

What did you think? Have you got any spooky phenomenons that have happened to you?

Feel free to leave a message!


Until the next time! ~



Image from:  I take no credit in taking this photo!! Whoever took this  – it is awesome! Kudos!




Souls and Coffee

Hello dear readers,

Not that it matters, but I am currently balancing the working day and slotting in a new post. I just wanted to share my dedication haha!

Well, this is just a short post as I only have about 10 minutes to post something. Apologies in advance for the sloppy typing.

Something crossed my mind and I just needed to drop everything and share it with you.

“Never let a chance to be with someone who connects with your soul slip through your fingers.”

Now I don’t just mean your partner, this could be anyone. A long distance friend, an old friend, family, best friend etc. Just someone that, when you meet, you talk about things that are important to you, and you share that same interest with them.

A bit like a Soul Mate.

Random side note * I once had a guy come into my friends shop and tell us we were soul mates. We laughed but he explained that soul mates can be more than just someone you love romantically. But love like family. Close friends. People who were just “meant to be” if you believe that stuff. I thought it was interesting to speculate over anyway.

So, I think I suffer from a slight anxiety (who doesn’t) over meeting friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. This can be anywhere between 6 months to 6 years apart. I don’t think this is necessarily weird, I think many people have the same problem. It then sparks the question: Do I meet them, or do I find an excuse and politely decline?


As you can imagine, when faced with this debate I tend to over think and think of differen’t scenarios. Usually the worse case scenario such as, we don’t get along anymore, we are completely differen’t now, they have turned into a horrible person and I need to make a swift exit.  Gotta go!

What normally happens? 

Person: Hey how are you? Oh, it’s lovely to see you, lets grab a coffee and catch up, how have you been?

Me: Heh-Hi! Um, not too bad thanks, you? *awkward* Yeah let’s do that *tries to act calm but inside is over thinking every detail* (what if I don’t like anything?? What if I don’t have the right money… panic. panic. panic.

If I was calmer: I love coffee, it’s all good, I’ll just offer to pay on card for us both, my treat, problem solved. I’ve got this.

But nooo, thanks again brain.

*In the shop* 

*meanwhile, me still in panic mode* 

Person: What would you like? We can order together.

Me: *gives order, normally like a robot or a kitten  – take your pick.*

Person: Don’t worry I’ve got this one.

Me: Oh, thank you very much. (You don’t know how much you just saved my life.) 

*my brain is so tenderly dramatic sometimes.* 

sit down and relax. 

Heheh… Now this is just a brief example of how I sometimes feel in situations that require any form of cafe with a person I haven’t been around a lot. …. Maybe part of it comes to never experiencing going out much as a child? I dunno. Regardless, I really appreciate it when people take the lead on these kinds of things. Maybe it’s as plain as the nose on my face how awkward I am? Haha – sorry guys. I freakin’ annoy myself sometimes.

But, it’s all good, I’ll get ours next time.

I’ve got this. 

What I’m trying to say is, no matter how socially awkward I am – don’t even get me started on pubs. I always make an effort to meet people who make me feel happier about life. It’s important to keep pushing yourself to go out and make an effort even if you are going crazy in your head. It’s never as bad as your anxiety makes it out to be. Don’t let it win. 

It’ll be such a shame if you missed out on a chance to make your heart happy. Share a moment with someone who connects with your soul. It’ll be worth it.

*I’m out of time for now. But I will speak to you soon.

Until the next time. ~




Picture: Kudos.









What have I been up to?!

Hello dear friends,

What have I been up to?

Well I’ve been really busy!

I would like to introduce to you the new addition to the family – Vinny (the kitten)


Isn’t he gorgeous? … There were so many pictures to choose from!

….Here’s another! IMG-20160823-WA0015.jpeg



So my time is a bit preoccupied with looking after this sweetheart. (Don’t let the cuteness fool you though, he can be a vicious baby sometimes! He’s such a tom).

The other thing that’s really been taking up my time, is my new job. No longer am I working with the little ones! I have changed direction and I’m on a new path to discover hidden potentials…. Or something?

I now work as an Administrator … of sorts. Go me?

I work for Gemini Computers in Bridgwater. I help with eBay, Facebook, emails, photography and …. lots of other bits and pieces which is why it’s just easier to call myself an admin assistant haha. Anyway … If you are interested you can find us on Facebook and eBay!

Facebook; search for Gemini Computers, make sure it’s the Bridgwater one 😉  There is a link on there to direct people to our eBay page too!


ANYWAY – enough advertising. Blugh! This was not the reason I am writing before work this morning – eek I’m on a time limit!

I have some sad news my friends.

If you haven’t read my last post then please do, so you fully understand what I’m about to say.

My Landlord is selling the property.

We (my partner and I)  have until 10th November 2016 to vacate.

If it’s never happened to you, you can’t imagine what it feels like. It’s a bit like a break up. You’re confused, upset, angry and maybe even feel a little sick. All you want to know is WHY! Only for them to be like

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

 What an answer-less answer!

After calming down and stewing over it for a few weeks, I suddenly had an idea.

We had originally said no to anyone coming in and viewing the property to value it.  What if… We changed that, and said we would but for extra time?

….So with some quick thinking from yours truly…And a lot of support and encouragement to say that it WAS in fact a good idea and that I wasn’t crazy from my partner … We now have an extra month on our side!

We now have until the 10th December 2016!

Why is this sad news? Well, we had plans to leave next spring, in our own time. It’s never very nice being told you have to leave your home, extra month or not. Especially when it’s not even your fault. It’s meant that Christmas will be cheap due to saving for this new home too.

It’s all okay really, but it’s always a little disappointing.

It’s a difficult time right now, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to write to you.

But I hope to keep you all posted and hopefully have happier things to discuss. Like news from this little guy: IMG_20160809_094850.jpg (Caught him playing with the cord in the bathroom looking all proud of himself that he even got up there)

Right, time for his breakfast – he’s already meowing at me! Little tubby.  ❤

More rambles soon!

Until the next time ~