Hello all!

I went to Crete in Greece.

For a week.

Thought i’d just dive right in there with that one haha.¬† The picture was from my balcony. ūüėÄ Just, awesome.

It was my first ever abroad holiday! I had a lot of firsts this past week while on holiday too. Let’s see…. I had my first spa experience. Which was a little bit cringy to start with… I had my first flight experience, my belly flipped on the way there, so bad… so bad. My first water park experience that was cool! And my first ever 40 degrees experience – I’ve discovered the heat makes me more tired.

Anyway, I wanted to just have a quick update about what I’ve been up to and this post will be about my spa experience.

It all began by the pool with my friends on holiday, a kind lady came up and asked about whether we would like to try a sample of her products from her spa menu. We ageed and decided it would be fun. We sat there for a good half hour trying these products. She was very nice and her English was spot on. We all could communicate well with her, which helps haha. We agreed we would go for a treatment and she gave us a really good deal for 2 treatments each. We booked in when we wanted to go, we all decided on a facial and a body scrub. Me being me, was awkward, and chose a different facial to everyone else so I had to have a specific time, so that they could prepare for me. Typical me. 

Day of the Spa treatment

You are probably thinking, oh this is boring, it’s just normal and not cringy at all.

Bear with me.

The day of the treatment I had been talking to my friends about it and they were concerned about undressing. I had reassured them that when I asked the spa manager she told me it was okay to keep our bathing suits on, so our bikinis would be fine. With this knowledge I was at ease going in. As I’m not the type to just whip of my clothes in front of strangers – ahem –

So, me and a friend went in together but we were in seperate rooms (they only had 2 rooms available at one time). I waddled into one, she the other, and it was fine. Until it wasn’t.

The masseuse, lady, person… you can tell this was my first spa treatment already. Is it okay for me to call her a masseuse… that’s what she is right? Right!? *inward panic*

Er, anyway, she handed me a one use thong, thingy, and if you can, imagine me standing there staring at her blankly, holding this thin piece of cloth between my thumb and index finger. Thinking “what the…?!”

Let me also point out, her English was not as good as the managers.

*Picture this* You’ve got me looking at her and her looking at me. And then, she just walks out the room for me to get changed. I stand there just staring at the cloth and look around the room thinking, do I just do it? Shall I wear it and just be uncomfortable for the treatments? Or am i meant to put this on over my bikini bottoms? Wait! Wait, that’s just silly, don’t do that…. and so on and so on. Until she comes back and literally says –

“No, no get changed.” and points to the meterial in my hands.

I respond with, “Sorry but the lady said I could wear this?” And I point to my bikini top and bottoms.

She replies with “Yes, but this!” and points to the cloth item again, and leaves the room.

By this point, I am utterly confused. What on Earth does she want me to do? I’ve just told her I was allowed to wear my bikini and she just agreed but still wants me to put this on?!


I can feel myself getting a bit uncomfortable by this point as I slowly bend down to put the material over my bikini bottoms.

This isn’t… right.

I frown about to take the thong piece off, when the masseuse suddenly comes in again.

“Ah, ummm, is this… is this right?” I point, nervously feeling very silly at this point.

“No!” She exclaims, “need this off, this on” various pointing motions and she is about to leave again.

I hurriedly take the thong off leaving my bikini bottoms still in place.

“But I was meant to keep this on, I was told I was allowed to.” I feel my face flush.

“Okay you can, come on” She says, almost sighing.

I don’t know if it was me, but her tone felt like one of annoyance. I was embarrased and nervous. So I just told her “If you need to, you can take the back off, when i’m lying down” I point to my back straps.

“Okay” She replies, “Lie – down” I follow her instructions.

I felt really awkward during the body scrub. It was hard for me to relax. I felt I had offended her, which is probably really british of me. But I couldn’t help it. I would’ve thought the manager would have let her assistants know…. As I lay down she took the straps off a bit forcefully, and I couldn’t help but make a face. Luckily my head was facing down through the hole so she couldn’t see me.

I laid there for a good 30 – 40 minutes unable to move, being increasingly uncomfortable whilst also trying to relax. Ugh. Going over all the questions and what just happened in my head. One question I had was “Should I make conversation?!”¬†Now I don’t know about you, but if you’ve not been in this situation before it’s kinda hard to work out what would be socially acceptable… I decided to use the logic of, ‘I think it’s like the hairdressers but a bit more strict – don’t try to make conversation unless they do.’ I went with that and it seemed okay.

Turns out I was just over thinking again! Staying quiet is good. Noted.

After the body scrub, she said she was done and I got up a bit too quickly as I emerged from my thoughts and anxiety and said “alright?!” But what actually came out was “orrrightt?!” … I went momentarily very ‘Somerset’¬† (umm think farmer voice if you aren’t sure what I mean). I cursed inwardly at being abrupt with my response, however this seemed to have broken some tension as she giggled and said I can go for my shower now.


She told me not to get my bikini wet and to put it up on the side, I told her I could do that bit at least. And she laughed. I don’t mind if she was laughing at me, I was just relieved to break the tension properly.

After I got out of the shower it was time for the face mask treatment. It was a lot nicer, and I felt a lot more relaxed and a bit sleepy by the time she finished.

The treatments on the whole were lovely, and I’m sure i’m not the first to make a silly mistake like that. Regarding the fact it was my first spa treatment and language barriers can make things a bit tougher.

I think i’d have a face treatment again, but i’d probably pass on the body scrub. Even if it did make me all soft and smoove… I don’t think I could go through that again, ha!

Later that day….

I heard that my friends went through very similar, quite awkward, experiences too. Some chose to go along with it, others felt really awkward and tried to negotiate items of clothing that could stay on. I was the only one to say “no” completely. Ooops. Oh well! At least it wasn’t just me with the awkward experience! I can always count on my friends to be just as awkward lol! ‚̧


Until the next time ~  








Are You Having A Holly Jolly Christmas?

Hello reader,

We are nearing that “holly jolly” time of year where people are delving into their pockets to buy all those Christmas goodies for their loved ones. But beneath the smiling faces may be the doubting worry of “Do I have enough money for all of this?”

In the UK with the bedroom tax and vast unemployment a lot of people are trying to depend on benefits to try to support themselves through the winter months. You may, or may not have heard that people on benefits are living “the easy life” taking drugs, doing what they want, getting into trouble etc. However this is the minority. Sadly it gets more publicised than the reality of many people in their homes struggling to pay their bills and having so much as ¬£1 left for them at the end of the month (sometimes even less than that) – This is the majority.

I can’t say for certain about Americans as I do not live there, I can only use facts that I can find online (and we know that sometimes credibility can be quite weak online…) So if you are an American struggling for money this Christmas, I’m sorry for your struggles and know how hard it can be. Keep trying to make the best of what you have and don’t succumb to drugs and other vices – you are better than that. Though I would say the few drinks on Christmas is acceptable! (And New Years of course)

In England, it’s been a really big struggle this year, people throwing themselves in-front of on-coming traffic, throwing themselves off high bridges. Becoming homeless due to not being able to pay their rent… Elderly people – men and women, being forced to live on the streets because they can’t afford the Bedroom Tax. It’s just been a really tough time for the majority of people this year. I fear my family would have suffered the same fate if it weren’t for inheriting some money. Though it’s a shame that we are having to use it to live on, I’d rather do that, then not live.

After all of this I’d like to list a few things I would like everyone to do this Christmas, if they are on hard times or not…

  • Visit the family & Friends¬† – close friends are family too.

  • Be giving towards others –¬† It’s not all about the receiving… No really.

  • The little things count – If you know someone struggling for money this time of year, it’d be super kind if you lent a hand if you could. Going home for a Christmas Dinner? Bring something with you and contribute!

  • Be thoughtful with your gift giving – It’s not all about chocolate! If you give someone something practical that they could do with, you can be the best person ever and see if you can get it for them. Doesn’t have to be huge though! Like a bag or a new pair of gloves to keep warm through the winter.

  • Got little ones? – Children ask for everything at Christmas and you don’t want to disappoint them. It’d be fair to tell them that although Santa comes and brings you all nice presents, he leaves Mummy and/or Daddy a Bill to pay at the end of it. (Santa’s on a tight budget too…) You can instead relish more in the making of Christmas decorations together and the idea of a magical Christmas through this. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t get everything for your children… Children should learn they can’t always get what you want. Also if you focus on the side of Christmas that is fun and light-hearted, the children will get too distracted to think about the presents they didn’t get anyway!

  • Make it more meaningful – It’s not all about the money, let’s be realistic. People say that it is, but you choose how much you spend. Use the day instead to re-connect with people, share stories, play games, watch a film, eat food and be happy within your surroundings. When you get to a certain age, you stop expecting a lot of presents anyway. So don’t be so hard on yourself.

  • Really can’t afford Christmas right now?¬† – Well as long as you don’t have little ones between 1 – 8 years old, I see no reason why the family can’t decide together to RE-ARRANGE Christmas! If you literally have no money and things are so tight, you are scraping by to pay the bills this winter month. Have your Christmas next year perhaps… February or March time. This gives you more time to prepare and don’t forget all the huge sales on after Christmas! This idea might seem a bit strange so instead of calling it Christmas, you can call it “Present Day.”

  • Nothing is more valuable than your time – Finally this links to spending time with the family really. But Don’t let anyone you know be alone this Christmas. If you are unsure what a friend might be doing if they are living alone, ask them to stay with you. If you have the space of course and if you live with your parents – ask them first! Christmas is a time for people to get together and share in the experience of a great day. No one should be alone on Christmas, It’s probably one of the most happiest and loneliest time of the year. Reach out and be a part of a welcoming family or friends.

    Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more.” – Dr. Seuss, The Grinch.

The most important thing I would say, is be as thoughtful as you can this time of year, reach out to those who need help. People are proud and stubborn sometimes so they won’t admit defeat. Be a good friend and help them. Not just for Christmas, but all year round.

Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Feliz Navidad / Joyeux Noel / Fröhliche Weihnachten  !!!

Until the next time ~

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