Technology: At Its Worst!

Hello reader,

Have you ever stared at a computer long enough that you feel some kind of psychic connection, and you’re internally screaming at it – “Work, damn you!”  …Well?

I have been feeling ill all week, and my mothers computer suddenly decides to not work a couple days ago. Damn stupid viruses, ruining everything. Needless to say, I was called downstairs to try and defuse the situation. I’m adequate on computers so it wasn’t an issue. Until I met with a beast of a virus that just wasn’t letting me do anything. No trick would allow me to full scan the tramp away.

So, when all else failed I decided, right: factory settings for you~

Bish, bash bosh…Not quite.

Putting a computer back to factory settings is easy … well if you know how to. If you don’t I recommend simply: go onto Google and type it in. There’s loads of advice on the internet to show you how, but if you are worried, get someone else to help you, cause you don’t want the computer to blow up. My brothers’ computer blew up… It’s not fun.


I’m sat at the dinner table, staring at my mums laptop. A Laptop with a never ending loop of trying to configure itself. I was so close to smashing it up. The factory settings should have worked without a hitch. I didn’t need to worry about her documents because I already had everything stored on my fantastic passport. Not a real passport, it’s called “My Passport.” It’s an external hard-drive. Completely recommend them if you haven’t got one already.

Unfortunately I had to go to bed, to get some well deserved beauty sleep. So I asked my brother to sort it out… the same one who blew his computer up… but I had some faith in him. Plus I needed to sleep so that I could be alive for my interview the next day. I knew with enough time he would figure it out.

I just didn’t think it would take all night.

When I awoke in the morning at seven, I was surprised to see my mother awake. She isn’t an early bird by all accounts. Turns out she had stayed up all night with my brother trying to sort out her laptop. I was shocked but glad they had finally figured it out. I don’t know what he did, but I’m grateful he didn’t destroy it.

Guess it pays to have a little faith in someone else’s abilities and with enough time things can be fixed in the end…

….Well…Unless it’s like my laptop of course. Which I saved from death twice and then the third time it just went “Nope” and never turned back on again… ah, c’est la vie….

Tip for the day? : Patience is a virtue and technology will test you on it. (Don’t give in.)

Anyway! Thanks for reading, you fantastic person you.

Until the next time~